Friday, December 10, 2010

Off-the-Cuff: Why Gus Malzahn Should Say Yes to Vanderbilt

Because you will be a hero when you take Vanderbilt out of the cellar and into the light.

Because there may well be a statue of you on campus if you manage three consecutive winning seasons.

Because $3 million is an awful lot of money. It's six times your current salary and would put you in the top 10 most highly paid college coaches.

Because almost anyone can take a program that's already at the top and keep them at the top, but no coach has ever taken the doormat of the nation's most difficult conference and turned it into a consistent winner. Vanderbilt is the only school in the nation where a coach can boast the accomplishment of lifting the worst and most disadvantaged team out of the ashes of the best and most competitive conference.

Because you know you're capable of doing it, seeing as you were coaching rag-tag high school kids with this offense only a few years ago and are now staring a national championship in the face.

Because you managed to take someone like Chris Todd and turn him into a record-setting quarterback and you know you can do the same with whatever personnel you're dealt at Vanderbilt.

Because assistants will be lining up to join you.

Because Herb Hand is already here.

Because recruits will be eyeing you wherever you go, eager to be a part of the big-number offenses that yield national recognition and NFL scouts' attention.

Because Nashville is a great city where you can be very happy.

Because Vanderbilt is a great school on the rise both athletically and academically.

Because the school has shown loyalty to its coaches and a willingness to reward success.

Because unlike just about every other SEC school's fan base, we're not going to whine and call for your head every time you lose a close game (we're used to it).

Because if your offense can work at Vandy, you cement your legacy as one of the greatest coaching minds in a generation.

Because you've beat the odds every time in the past and you know you can do it again.

Because, er, you're feeling charitable?


nobody u know said...

Looks like it's Vanderbilt who's "feeling charitable," assuming VU has actually offered Malzahn $3 million for seven years, and also assuming that our boy Gus hasn't been leaking these stories himself to drive up offers from other schools.

Seamus O'Toole said...

The point was that he has or will have a lot more attractive job opportunities than the Vandy position, so taking the job would be a surprise to put it lightly.

As for the leaks, consider the following theory that came in to the VSL newsroom: that Vanderbilt's administration is leaking the $3 million in order to appease those who were high on Gus and to make it clear to everyone -- board of trustees and boosters alike -- that there is no question of the institution's "commitment" when it comes to football.

AD said...

Actually pretty interested to hear what you guys think will happen to Herb Hand. We've all noted the emphasis on offensive minded candidates, and I don't think all of them run the spread, which I believe is Hand's m.o.

Would an offensive-minded coach keep somebody like Hand as an OC? As some sort of assistant head coach who advises the offense? Or should Hand be very worried right now?

Bobby O'Shea said...

Given their relationship, I'd be shocked if Malzahn didn't keep Hand on. Whether Franklin would retain Coach Hand is another story. As DW has said, all assistants will be hired at the discretion of the new coach, and you have to think Franklin might want to bring in his own guys.