Friday, December 17, 2010

Moment of Truth: Who Will Be Franklin's Assistants?

In this space and on message boards elsewhere, there seem to be plenty of Vanderbilt fans, and even more from other schools, who are absolutely belittling the hire of James Franklin. It's true that CJF's record as OC at Maryland isn't going to blow many people away, but before rushing to judgment let's see who he brings on board to fill out a coaching staff.

To me, Franklin comes off as built for a head coaching role: able to be strong and articulate with the media, able to sell a vision for the program, able to recruit talent, etc. His "CEO" line in the press conference was right on the money. By now it's familiar learning that a coach is only as good as his coordinators, and at least in football, one man cannot mold a winning team single-handedly. CJF told Joe Fisher that his phone has been ringing off the hook with people across the country interested in coming to Nashville to be a part of what he's hoping to build. Knowing how important his staffing decisions will turn out to be, I'm on the edge of my seat to see how this goes.

So VSL Nation, let's have your suggestions. Chime in with ideas for offensive and defensive coordinators who (realistically) should be on the short list.


Douglas James said...

Vandysports thinks Randy Shannon will at least be contacted about being the DC. That would be huge. I hope Coach Herb Hand is retained though not sure if he deserves the OC role yet.

Anonymous said...

Mike Leach as OC.

Bobby O'Shea said...

This list might be unrealistic, but here are some names I'd throw out:

Sylvester Croom (Offensive Coordinator - currently RB Coach for St. Louis Rams)

Randy Shannon (Defensive Coordinator - currently unemployed)

Kerwin Bell (Offensive Coordinator - currently Jacksonville University's Head Coach)

Clay Hendrix (Offensive Coordinator - currently Air Force's OC)

Scott Shafer (Defensive Coordinator - currently Syracuse DC)

Anonymous said...

Franklin may take a hard look at anyone on the current staff who has been busting his butt recruiting over the past month or so.

Anonymous said...

A CJF - Herb Hand - Randy Shannon triumverate would be pretty sweet. But we'll see.

Also, did anyone see that Friedjen may be on the way out at Maryland? A)that seems to be why CJF was so reluctant to talk about UM at the presser, but B) how does that affect our thoughts of CFJ? Most notably, the article said that a lot of UM's asst coaches were coming with CFJ.

Hey, it's a step up from Furman.

Seth said...

Gus Malzahn OC

Anonymous said...

Very realistic:

Kevin Mawae former pro-bowl NFL lineman as strength/conditioning coach.

Anonymous said...

Some good names for the short list.

But american idol is for the short bus...yes, it does still suck.

Thanks for asking.

David said...

I think the staff CJF puts together will be better than a Malzahn staff. Franklin has been in the coaching world for a longer and hes been all over the place. Hes had stops in the NFL and different college jobs. Im sure hes made great connections and will call on those when putting his staff together.

I like Malzahn but Im kind of glad he didnt take this job. He would have been a flashy hire but I dont think hes been in the college sports long enough to get the job done yet.I think he realized that too.

Anyway thats just what Ive been thinking about since we hired Franklin. I really hopes he keeps Ketchings bc he has been a solid coach in that positions. Im kinda nervous he might let him go and bring in one of his buddies, really hope he doesnt. As for Hand, the OL got better as the year went on and hes been solid at his position too.

Anonymous said...

Don Brown did a tremendous job as DC with what he had to work with in his 2 years at MD. Brown and Franklin turned this year around for MD. Brown has been successful and proven himself at every job he has held and he would be a great hire for Franklin.

Anonymous said...

I hear San Alosi is available.