Friday, December 17, 2010

A Few Pieces of Unverified Information on the Franklin Hire

The Washington Post's Eric Prisbell has said a lot about the hiring process in the past week, and his reports haven't always turned out to be accurate, but here's a few items of interest from his report on Vanderbilt hiring James Franklin away from Maryland:

1) "Franklin's negotiations lagged largely because Franklin’s tough-as-nails agent, Neil Cornrich, battled tooth and nail."

2) Maryland did not make a counteroffer to try to keep Franklin in College Park.

3) Franklin won't get the $1 million owed to him had he stayed at Maryland and not been named head coach by January 2012 but he will get more than that at Vandy. Prisbell "was told the initial offer amount on Wednesday night, and it was good -- about what you'd expect for Franklin in his first head coaching job -- though certainly not Gus Malzahn's reported $3 million good."

4) A source "with direct knowledge of the offers" told the Post that four Maryland assistants have been offered positions on Franklin's staff at Vandy. No word at the moment on who those four might be.


Bobby O'Shea said...

As always, I have absolutely no knowledge about anything, but wouldn't it be sweet if Franklin's defensive coordinator was Randy Shannon

Greg M said...

This sucks!! I am giving up my season tickets and I too will hope against hope that somehow this turns out to be a good hire.Go Mocs. My new favorite team.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. I am going to lunch today in Chattanooga with some VU alums and we will be starting a push to get DW fired.

Seth said...

Haha sorry if I dont believe anything about this piece because its facts from the mouth of Eric Prisbell, but Im somewhat excited about this hire. Vandy is not a job people are kicking down the door to get too and Vandy managed to hire a young, 39 year old. I hear hes very enecgetic and this could be the kind of football coach weve been waiting for. Good luck CJF and welcome to Nashville!

Anonymous said...

We know Greg we know... Hopefully it ends up like you will be the guy who met Gene at the airport and told him to "go home!" when he arrived in Auburn.

Anonymous said...

Auburn has an airport? Really? Do they paint the cows bright colors for the landing lights?

Anonymous said...

CJF should be supported, but the fans who accept this terrible hire are the reason Vanderbilt football is terrible year-in and year-out. No reasonable person could argue he was a good hire. Maryland didn't even bother to make a counteroffer!

Vandy fans should support CJF while he is here, but like Greg, make it clear to the Vanderbilt administration that hiring bad candidates will not be tolerated anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ill believe they didnt make a counter offer when I read somewhere other than the WP. I know his record isnt that impressive but these next few weeks are going to be huge. Lets wait and see the staff he brings in. If Gus Malzahn was our first choice and Franklin is our second, I think Vandy knows what they are doing.