Sunday, November 21, 2010

VU-UNC Post-Game Thread

Great win for the 'Dores. We'll have a recap tomorrow. Post your thoughts here!


Anonymous said...

Good win. I think Minn and WV are two very underrated teams, as well as us. North Carolina will also be alot better than they were last year and lost to 2 good teams. All in all, good tourni for the Dores.

Stanimal said...

It would appear that Casey Mitchell is not good solely against us. Dude just ripped off 10 of WVU's points.

Andrew VU '04 said...

UNC is a collection of talented youngsters, but they're not a team. I'd say they finish in the middle of the pack of the ACC.

What's more interesting about this game is the debate about what we should do at point guard. Tinsley's triple double was great earlier, but after seeing the WV and UNC games, he clearly has trouble getting past quick defenders. This is nothing against Tinsley, and I thought he played admirably in this game (especially hitting a few clutch shots and playing tough D), but Stallings needs to use a PG by committee approach this season and give more minutes to either Tinsley or Fuller depending on mathcups. Fuller's a bulldog with the ball, and can dribble around anyone. Tinsley's more cerebral and a much better shooter. Just analyze the opposition and divide up minutes thusly. Also, Fuller and Tinsley on the court at the same time has looked fine, so that's an interesting progression. All I'm saying is this should be something to watch depending on matchups.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Fuller at PG and Tinsley at shooting guard ala Beal and Tinsley.

It might just be a great idea.