Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vandy Finishes Out Pre-Season Schedule With Win

The Commies beat Southern Indiana 77-40 last night(http://www.tennessean.com/article/20101109/SPORTS0602/11090347/2167/Vandy+defense+sparkles+in+rout)

Jenkins had 20, Taylor 13 and Brad had 10. Apparently we got out-rebounded 23-14 in the first half but ended up winning the battle of the boards by the end of the game. Still that is a troubling stat.

I didn't see either game nor have I seen a complete break-down of minutes played, shots taken...etc. But still I'm a little troubled with Taylor seemingly not dominating inferior opponents. And would have liked to see Brad have at least one big night from the PG spot. But without having all the facts I can't make any determination.

I guess throw it out to everyone else. Was anyone there? What was the problem with our rebounding in the first half? How did Brad look running the point? What about Fuller? Did Jeff just not have enough minutes to score more than 13? Really, any insight from anyone in attendance would be most helpful. Gracias.


AD said...

Until somebody who was there comes by, I'll try to get us partway there. I listened to the broadcast, for which The Voice was flying solo. My takeaway from the first half was that the Dores came out lethargic and a bit sloppy, while SI, a very good team in DII, came out scrapping hard. Fisher kept saying that SI was obviously outhustling VU in the early going. As for Taylor's lack of assertiveness, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure why Festus got in foul trouble so quickly. I think SI was really targeting him, but he's got to be able to keep his nose clean against smaller squads like this.

Anonymous said...

I was there and I think a lot of it has to do with our opponent. They were a really good DII school; hence they lost to Illinois by less than 10 points. We will play weaker and inferior teams in our out of conference schedule than SI. I was nervous to see Brad running the point but he appeared to do fine, I’m not too worried after seeing him play. I had my reservations about Brad running point but I think he’ll do fine. Taylor didn’t have a dominant night but these guys had a lot of open shots that just wouldn’t fall. They would roll around the rim and fall out. I left with about 5 minutes into the 2nd half and apparently this when the big shut out happened. The shut out started in the 1st half and rolled over into the 2nd. Defense was solid.

I’m not taking a shot at Tennessee or Auburn but we didn’t lose our exhibition games and we played two tough opponents. CKS scheduled these guys for a challenge, not domination over weaker teams but good DII schools that we be beneficial heading into Nov. and Dec. play. All in all, I think we look good and focused. We aren’t counting/ relying on the freshmen like we have in years past and I really think our experience is going to help us have a great year. If they ever get down, shouldn’t they just picture that buzzer beater against Murray State? I would

Brad had a big dunk too

Open 'Dores said...

To be fair, Jeff was able to stuff down some real momentum-changing dunks last night.

Anonymous said...

Brad led the charge out the lethargy of the first part of the first half. 8 of his 10 points came in the first half. If he plays this well all year we'll be fine.