Monday, November 8, 2010

Trying to Stay Positive......So Lets Just Focus on Basketball

First I hope everyone saw that Dai-Jon Parker committed to play for the Black and Gold on Friday night.

This is a big pick up for CKS and his staff because we now have two 4-star guards coming into the program next year to go along with a 3-star power forward. This has the best the best "guard" recruiting class CKS has had, at least since I have been following the Commies.

Also the current team takes on Southern Indiana tonight at 7pm in Memorial to conclude their exhibition schedule. Just want to see everyone come out of this game healthy and get some minutes for the Frosh (especially Fuller, who I think we are gonna depend on the most out of this class because of the lack of depth at PG).

The team will then open up the season for-reals on Friday night against Presbyterian. I'm just gonna ignore that we have a football program for the next few weeks. Sorry.


A.J. said...

So sad that 2 of our 3 really winnable conference games (plus our best non-conference game) came so late in the season.

I was pumped for these few weeks (despite the fact that our two best home games were stupidly placed on either side of Thanksgiving vacation).

But now I doubt I'll even go to the Tennessee game unless we get some RBs back.

I am pumped for some BBall though.

Douglas James said...

Way to stay positive there A.J.

Anonymous said...

Hire Mike Leach at V U

Keep those email pouring in to Williams and Zeppos!

Anonymous said...

lol....Mike Leach at VU...while the administration is not ready for him....the players are ready for him... I love the thought though !

Heim Thyme said...

Honestly Mike Leach is exactly the kinda guy Vandy needs. We're not going to get more talent then other SEC schools, but with a run-shoot type offense and a schemer for a coach it would be a lot of fun to watch Vandy play football, something unfortunately I rarely get to say. If you look at similar coaches to Leach, say a certain coach out at Boise State, sometimes they can be real successful.

AD said...

Why wallow over Mike Leach when we can get Bum's son?

AD said...

On the call-in show with Joe Fisher, CRC says that when the time for it comes, he will propose a plan for the future that will include "significant changes."

A.J. said...

I'm positive about basketball. I thought that was the plan.

I love the football players, they got some heart out there. Just a shame we can't put them in a position to win. Drop the injuries on that and it's just starting to get a little sad.

Anonymous said...

We have a football program?