Monday, November 29, 2010

Must Read: AoG asks "What Now for Football"?

They don't paint a particularly rosey picture, but for anyone who reads this site and not their's (and seriously, if you have time to read ours, you should make time to read their's), this is a must-read.

VSL will have continuing coverage as the search process unfolds including trafficking wild speculation, knee-jerk reactions, and superficial analysis.


Anonymous said...

Good article that ended with this quote:

“No rush hires, no longshots, no rolling the dice – take the time and spend the money and GET THE RIGHT GUY. I’m sick to death of being a laughingstock, of being the odd team out when TEN OTHER TEAMS in the conference are going to bowls, of beating our "rival" once every quarter-century, of sitting around on Saturdays wondering "how are we going to screw it up this week," of being the cautionary tale for my wife and her other Cal alums of "it could be worse."

I don’t want excuses. I want WINNERS. And it has to start at the top. Now”

Gus Malzahn would be a great “flashy” new hire but then what? Can he put a staff together? Can he be an effective head coach? We don’t know. That’s why we need to go after a coach who has shown he can win in the FBS. Temple and Miami (OH)’s coaches have shown interest and either wouldn’t be a bad hire. MTSU’s Rick Stockstill is an offensive minded coach with years and years of experience as an assistant for top notch coaches. Mike Leach, I hated the idea but now I’m thinking it could work. We are finding out a lot of the stories on him at Texas Tech were fabricated, so let’s look at his record. It’s pretty solid. Tommy Bowden has shown interest and he isn’t a bad coach. He was run out of Clemson after a bad year. I think there are plenty of coaches with solid resumes, who aren’t necessarily “flashy”, but would be great hires.

VC Williams has to know this hire will define whether or not this “no athletic department” thing works. Sure we have been successful in other sports, the main sports, but football is key in this conference. I have a feeling we will get a solid hire, may not be a head turning hire, but a solid one. Anyone look at next years schedule? We can garner six wins out of it, especially looking at the experience under our belts. This will be an attractive job, it’s just not one that will get a lot of media attention.

AD said...

When it is a noun, the word is "quotation."

I agree with the above sentiments. My one thought, after a few days of consideration, is this: when DW announces the hire, I just don't want to say "Who?"

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what is being said in this article. I am hoping for an experienced coach that will instantly bring credibility to the program. I hope that we do not consider a triple-option offensive coach and system. I'm not sure that this offense will work in the sec. Most fans dont realize how bad the last coachiing staff was including most of the position coaches. A solid experienced hire and a very credible coaching staff will take this existing roster forward. I am hopeful that David Williams will take his time and move agressively to get a strong credible coach.

Vandygal78 said...

When I emailed VC Williams ( he actually emailed me back which was very nice!) I strongly suggested that when he makes the coaching announcement, he needs to strongly and comprehensively lay out the full plans for the football program including facilities. So much bad information is out there (as if the accurate story wasn't bad enough) that Vandy needs to get in front of this and control the story. Hopefully we will get a great coach ( just pay the $) and hopefully getting that great coach will require the Board and Williams to make long term plans. Btw guys, as usual great coverage of Vandy news. Thanks for the time you put into it.

Anonymous said...

Mike Leach is crazy so we shouldnt hire him, yea yea, but arent we crazy for being Vandy football fans? Take a risk Williams, we've been dying for something bold and drastic! Go Dores!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo is reporting Houston Nutt is going to Colorado. This will hurt Vandys search.

Anonymous said...

The Colorado job will have no bearing on Vandy.

Al Golden or Tommy Bowden will be our new coach by next week.

Book it.