Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally........ITS BASKETBALL SEASON!!!!!

Well it has been a depressing fall for the Vandy faithful.....BUT I think things are about to get a lot better because Commie basketball is right around the corner.

First the team takes on Alabama-Huntsville in the first of two exhibition games tomorrow night (the other is on November 8 against Southern Indiana). The team opens for real against Presbyterian on the 13th.

Also this Friday, Georgia shooting guard Dai-Jon Parker is set to announce his verbal commitment. Parker is down to 5 teams (Vandy, UGA, Rhode Island, Oregon State and Oklahoma State) but most people expect him to choose between Vandy and UGA. Parker is a 4-star recruit who can really shoot from the outside (prob not to Jenkins level but who can?) Parker would be a real big pickup for CKS and turn the 2011 recruit class from solid to excellent.

Here is a Q&A with one of the newest Commies, Rod Odom(http://vucommodores.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/103010aab.html). I'm excited 1) because he is supposed to be real good and 2) because he hails from Long Island like myself. Vanderbilt can always use a couple more kids from the best part of New York state.

Comments are what you are looking forward to for this year? What you think is the most important thing to have a successful team? What is our strength? what are our weaknesses? How big a jump will Jenkins make? Any and all speculation for 2010-11 Vanderbilt basketball team welcome.


FiveStarDore said...

I'll start off the comments.

Fundamentally, unless you've got some freaky talented and mature froshies on your team (Carmelo, John Wall, etc.), your team is basically at the mercy of how good your more senior players are. So we're about as good as Jeff Taylor will take us.

This concept has rang especially true for the Commies over the years. We went as far as Frieje, Moore, Byars, Foster and Obilvy were able to take us. As good as the supporting cast was in some of those years, the older leaders had to step up and make big plays in big games at the tail-end of the year.

It is a bit unfair to judge each team solely on the outcome of one game (the NCAA tournament, if we make it). That being said, I see us as a sleeper for the following reasons:

-UK has to start all over. Same supporting cast but all-new freshman "saviors". I said I'd believe it when I see it last year, and it's the same this year. Last year was a magical run with five first-rounders leading the team. This team is definitely less talented, less deep, and has the added weight of expectations.

-Florida: Most convincing teams this off-season since they were unlucky last year in close games, they bring back all five starters, and one super freshman. But they haven't done much with more in the past five seasons, so this may be a moderately underwhelming year.

- Tennessee: Bruce Pearl has proven that he can get a team under a ton of pressure from the outside to focus and play tough ball so they're my sleeper pick to win the East. They beat no. 1 Kansas last year with a short-handed team, went to the Elite Eight and almost the Final Four, and UTK prez won't fire Pearl if he hasn't already. Pearl is too valuable.

-Georgia: Weren't they supposed to be so awesome last year with Tre Thompkins and Co.? And the year before that? They don't know how to win games in the SEC, and I don't care about a few talented pieces. I don't see them better than 8-8 at best, more likely 6-10.

- USC: They've been lousy for the last decade (with a few upsets here and there). What makes us think they'll improve? Nothing.

I don't think the SEC East is nearly as tough as everyone thinks it is. The comparison of the East in BBall as tough as the West in Football is misguided. The East doesn't have five legit top-15 teams, like the West in Football.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the fact that the SEC East isn’t going to be as tough as everyone is saying it is. Florida is legit and I don’t think they are being overhyped. They return every player but one from last years NCAA tournament team. Next, we have a whole bunch over rated teams in my opinion. Tennessee lost a lot of their talent and will be relying on new talent. Pearl has done great at Tennessee but now it’s time to see how he handles a young team and pressure. Kentucky’s freshmen this year are nothing like last years freshmen class. They are good but they aren’t great. Georgia is a two man show. They will be better but they aren’t deep enough just yet. Then there’s Vandy doing what they do best, going under the radar. Losing Beal hurts but if Tinsely can take care of the ball we will be fine. Jenkins can make up for Tinsely’s shooting if it hasn’t gotten better. We lost AJ, which is a loss at the charity stripe. However last year that was his game, getting to the foul line. I think AJ became a distraction because we never knew which AJ would show up. He would either be great or weak; you never knew what you would get. Replacing him with either Festus or Steve should be fine. Steve showed so much potential last year and I think he could have a break out year for us. I think we will finish behind Florida but no way do I think we will finish 5th.

CAR said...

I am very scared of Tinsley at the point. Dolla's A/TO the last three years was very underrated and i just dont think Tinsley has the skills/speed to dribble through defenses. I hope i am wrong. He is clearly a better shooter than he showed last year.

Other things that will make or break us:

1.) JT's ability to shoot from 10-15 feet
2.) Triple J's ability to create shots on the dribble
3.) Someone scoring from the inside
4.) Fez shooting better than 25% from the line.