Thursday, November 4, 2010

DMC Asks to Red-Shirt

According to Jeff Lockridge at the Tennessean (

While I don't think anybody expects DMC to make or break the season, he was a valuable presence under the basket and now makes it even more important that Festus and Tshiengang stay out of foul trouble. I also wonder how this affects whether Josh Henderson red-shirts or not. Hopefully not.

Still seems like a weird decision but DMC has to do whats best for him right?


Anonymous said...

We still have alot of rust to shake off and many things we need to improve on before we get into some more quality opponents.(see Puerto Rico tip-off tournament bracket). Having been there last night, I saw a team lacking a "ball hog"-A.J. and a team with a true point gaurd- Kyle Fuller. Beal last year just didn't do what his job as point guard. He threw up junk all game and took away any opportunity for anyone else to shine. This year, new guys are stepping up. Kyle PASSES the ball. Everybody passes except Jeffrey. Once these guys get more time on the court together I think we will see some unbelievble things. Secondly, the freshman have so much potential. Last night they all had the jitters and that is understandable. Once the season progresses, Rod and Kyle will be huge contributors. Josh showed many good signs. He passed when under the basket and then he had a nice baby hook. Lastly, Festus might be surprise some people. He has gotten bigger, believe it or not, and is just a huge body to deal with down low. Also, he has improved his footwork and more importantly his free-throws. This team is loaded with potential, it just will be a question of when they will break out into a top 15 team.

A.J. said...

It definitely does seem weird. Generally red-shirting (especially by an upperclassman) seems like a real team-first decision. And certainly the idea of sitting out a year to hopefully be better the next year seems like it should help.

But it sure does seem like we need him a lot more now than we will next year.

Still, I can't say I blame him or hold it against him. I don't think it necessarily puts us in an awful spot, though it doesn't help. If Henderson was already not going to red-shirt, then it probably isn't a big deal.

And you can't blame a guy who puts in so much but plays a relatively small role if he wants to get an extra year of of his basketball career.

But it would be upsetting if it means we don't redshirt Hendo because of this.

A.J. said...

I think I just paraphrased your post in longer form.