Friday, October 15, 2010

Marve and Smotherman Back in Lineup

Some good news for Vanderbilt's defense: Nine days after arthroscopic surgery, MLB Chris Marve will start against Georgia. Also returning is DT Adam Smotherman, who missed the first half of the season because of an ACL tear last spring. He says he'll get 10 to 15 plays in, which is at least something seeing as T.J. Greenstone probably won't play and the D-line is in dire need of some added depth.

Run defense could be a difference-maker in this game. If Vanderbilt can step up and contain Washaun Ealey -- an enormous "if" mind you -- then maybe they've got a shot. Ealey has been prone to fumbling and unless the Dores can create some turnovers and give the offense decent field position, it could be a very long day in Athens.

I still go back to the A.J. Green matchup though. He is a "big play" guy, and Vanderbilt can't afford to give up big plays on the road (see UConn). As good as our corners are, I am more than a little nervous about our safeties' ability to help them out on the deep ball, which QB Aaron Murray will have time to throw if our defensive front can't get more pressure than they've been getting.

On that score, it might be encouraging that Georgia's offensive line has had some serious problems in both run blocking and pass protection, but they also made some personnel adjustments before the UT game that may have helped them right the ship.

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