Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SI Article Slams Bruce Pearl

Sports Illustrated's Michael Rosenberg doesn't pull any punches in his piece, "Tables Turnned, Pearl's Tale is Sad." "The story goes into some detail (details I didn't know) about why Pearl is not the most well-liked coach and has a reputation of being a snitch. I thought Stanimal's piece on the subject was excellent, but I also think, on further reflection, that it's not enough to say the system (i.e. the recruiting rules and all the minutiae that is involved) is flawed. Bruce Pearl lied to NCAA investigators, which, if memory serves me correct, is exactly the same thing Dez Bryant did before he was declared ineligible for what proved to be his final year of college. Is it really too much to hold coaches to the same standards that athletes are held to?


Anonymous said...

wow. great point with Dez Bryant. Could Pearl be suspended by the NCAA?

Anonymous said...

ut sucks

pearl sucks

american idol sucks more


Anonymous said...

Makes me proud we have Kevin Stallings. He doesnt have to cheat in order to find success.

Chuck Heston said...

Type the name "Bruce Pearl" in the YouTube search engine and see what the 3rd entry is.