Friday, August 20, 2010

Are You Sure About This Future Mrs. Stanimal?

It's not often the VSL Brain Trust gets together. In fact, so far, the only occasions we have had in recent years have been weddings or Kentucky games at Memorial. There's no Kentucky game this weekend, which means another one of us must be tying the knot.

The lucky VSLer is Stanimal, the heart and soul of VSLNation, who will be marrying the lovely, intelligent, and incredibly well-versed in college sports, Future Mrs. Stanimal. The question I have, is are you sure about this future Mrs. Stanimal? Have you spoken to Mrs. O'Shea and Mrs. O'Toole about what life is like while actually married to one of us? It's not pretty. Dating is one thing, but "as long as you both shall live?" What happens when the Commodores meet the Clemson Tigers in a bowl game? Or in the second-round of an NCAA Tournament (what am I saying, Clemson never makes it out of the first round anyway).

In all seriousness, on behalf of the entire VSL Nation, we would like to wish the Stanimals "best wishes" as they embark on a long and happy life together filled with high pre-season expectations, heart-breaking losses, and of course, future little Commodores.


Train Island said...

Cheers and congratulations, Stanimal.

Condolences, future Mrs. Stanimal.

Vandy-Montana said...

(what am I saying, Clemson never makes it out of the first round anyway).

Neither do we...