Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VSL Hotline: It's Been a While, Edition

So after the dust settled on the Bobby Johnson retirement, VSL got quiet as the bar exam gets closer and closer. Still, there's news to report and I am confident that by merely keeping my BarBri books open, I'll actually learn something.

Jeff Lockridge has a story in today's Tennessean about the bulking up of Jeffery Taylor, who has already added 27 lbs. this off-season.

From Saturday's paper, Lockridge writes about the import role the freshmen wide-outs will play if the Commodores offense is to be productive. While Lockridge is right, it strikes me as a "dog bites man" story.

Interim head coach Robbie Caldwell had his first interview on the new home of the Commodores WRQQ 97.1 here in Nashville.

Finally, 2 Commodores, LB Chris Marve and KR Warren Norman were named All-SEC First Team by the conference's coaches.


Douglas James said...

How much will 20-25 pounds of added muscle improve Taylor's game? I mean I guess he will be able to go to the hole alittle stronger and maybe get a couple more "And-1's". Hopefully he is improving his shooting touch as well.

Anonymous said...

I missed the interview. Is he still whining about "interim"???

Would he prefer "real estate agent" or "insurance agent" without the "interim" prefix? That could probably be arranged.

I'll take his salary to be an "interim" coach at a BCS/SEC/d-1 school any day.

F--k Bobby Caldwell if he doesn't like his job title.

VandyGold28 said...

pedro alvarez hits two homers, one of which is a grand slam

Anonymous said...

american idol still blows