Friday, July 9, 2010

Vandy Gets Commitment from Florida QB

First off want to say the previous post by Stanimal is one of the best ever for our little blog. Insightful, well written. Good job Stan!

Now on to the commitment. According to both and Vandy has gotten a verbal commitment from Florida QB Damien Fleming. The 6'3, 175lb QB hails from Jacksonville. He is currently listed as a 45 grade on ESPN (which means he probably hasn't been evaluated fully yet) and hasn't been rated by Rivals yet either. According to both those sights he is primarily a pocket passer and was part of a 2 QB system his junior year. He has a good size and hopefully he can pack on 25-35 pounds over the next 2-3 years.

Fleming is the 2nd verbal for the Commies. It is going to be a smaller class this year (supposedly around 15 guys) so don't expect the verbals to come flying in. My guess is the staff wants to be extra cautious in handing out offers so that they can get the best 15 guys they possibly can. But getting a QB is important. Especially after Nash Nance screwed us last year.

I'm a New Yorker but still shocked LeBron didn't choose Chicago. How does that not give him the best chance to win a championship? Rose, Noah, Deng and now Boozer? The Heat are going to be LeBron, Wade and Bosh and a bunch of scrubs. Well maybe Foster, Byars, Frieje or AJ could make that team cause they won't have ANY money to sign anyone established.


'Bilt said...

Maybe Beal will be able to stick with Miami - he is playing with their summer team.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the blog didn't know Dolla Beal decided on Miami summer team because they were going to have to squeeze in some new lower paid guys? Probably been watching too much american idol.

Jarvis Varnardo was a late draft pick of Miami. He might also make the team now.