Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not a great start...

I know it wasn't necessarily by choice, but all my fears about Vanderbilt sports' flagship station being a rock n' roll rather than a sports station came to fruition with the first interview on 97.1 with Coach Caldwell. Can we at least do a taped segment with Joe Fisher asking questions and interviewing the coaches? The interviewer's got nothing to say and is adding nothing. Do you think the guy asking questions can name 5 Commodore players? "Coach, what's your mission statement?" Seriously?!?!

Dear 97.1 WRQQ Management, after July 29th, I am available. One request, can I get Bruce as a lead-in?


Jason Clark said...

Hey, I've got years of radio experience, and I'd be cheap. I'll run the gear, Bobby; you run the interview.

AD said...

Also radio experienced here, almost ten years. I'd vote for a VSL takeover.

Any word on whether they'll air coaches' call-in shows in the evenings after games like the Zone did?

AD said...

For the readers' information, Vanderbilt's football twitter account is posting photos from media day today.

Anonymous said...

97 started out as a pretty good rock station, sort of a cross between 105.9 and 102.9

Now they are a sorry clone of 105.9...Lynyrd Skynyrd (sp?) and other crappy sappy ballad rock all day long.

The worst part is they think they are playing really kickass music. They are not.

AD said...

It's "Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd."

Anonymous said...

It's "Pronounced Suk-Ass Whiny-Ballad-Crap"

A Capella Time!!

There are stars
In the southern sky that sucks
Southward as you go
There is moonlight that sucks
And moss in the trees
Down the seven bridges road that blows

Now I have loved you like a baby
Like some lonesome child that blows
And I have loved you in a tame way
And I have loved you that blows

Sometimes there’s a part of me
Has to turn form here and go suck
Running like a child from these warm stars that suck
Down the seven bridges blow

There are stars in the southern sky
And if ever you decide
You should go suck
There is a taste of time sweetened (expletive deleted)
Down the seven bridges blow