Wednesday, July 21, 2010's Chris Low gives his "Key Stretch" for Vanderbilt

And, as almost always seems to be the case, it's early. In his blog post this morning, Low looks at Vanderbilt's first 4 games as critical to their season. While he doesn't come out and say it, Low thinks if Vanderbilt is going to have any chance at going to a bowl (yes, I said it), they need to finish no worse than 2-2 in this stretch, with the most likely wins coming against our out-of-conference opponents Northwestern and UConn. If we should steal a game in the SEC, all the better, but Vanderbilt's formula for success this year (like most), is take advantage of non-conference games to get to at least 3 wins, and try and make something happen against the SEC west. This year's SEC West slate is less cooperative than usual with road games at Ole Miss and Arkansas and a home date against LSU. We'll delve more into the schedule in the next few weeks, but I truly think Vanderbilt's 2 game road trip early in the year (at Ole Miss and at UConn) will tell us how soon VSLNation will be asking: "is it basketball season, yet."

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6 wins? He's tripping.

Was it microdot or blotter?