Monday, July 5, 2010

Brief Interlude: Grateful for American Independence and Vanderbilt Integrity

A friend asked me if this hoser Damon Evans at Georgia is a case in point of why Vandy doesn't have an AD. Which reminded me that if there is one thing we should be consistently proud to fall back on as Vanderbilt fans, particularly at the close of an underwhelming year of sports such as we experienced in 2009-10, it should be that we don't have to worry about DW or CBJ or CKS or CTC embarrassing the institution with stunts like this, which seem to crop up with remarkable regularity in many of the top college sports programs across the country -- including, notably, in our own conference (see, e.g., DUI Billy G followed by Coach Cal at UK). Regardless of whether we win or lose in sports, this is one distinguishing feature of Commodore Athletics that we should never be willing to sacrifice.

Good talk, see you out there.


Bobby O'Shea said...

While I agree that Vanderbilt has been fortunate that those in athletics have been nothing but model citizens, I don't think it's too much to say "we don't have to worry." All sports fans have to worry about their athletic directors, coaches, or players making mistakes that are embarrassing to the team or program.

Vanderbilt's staff is exceptional until they're not and it's hubris to think otherwise.

VandyPhile said...

We "underwhelmed" only in football. We did better than that in basketball and baseball, I'd say.

Seamus O'Toole said...

VandyPhile- Fair enough, “underwhelming” probably the wrong word. More like disappointing. Losing first round in March with a 4 seed was definitely a downer. Getting right to the doorstep of Omaha then letting it slip away might have been better than predicted but still pretty painful.

Bobby O- "Hubris" to feel like I don’t have to lose sleep about David Williams getting behind the wheel of his 2009 BMW bombed (after broadcasting anti-drunk-driving ads all over town) and cruising around with his 20-something mistress while his wife is at home with their two kids, then attempting to bribe the police officer? I mean I guess anything can happen, never say never etc. etc., but are you really worried about that? Should Alabama fans not be pumped about their football team because it’s theoretically possible they could go 0-12 this year? Come on now - no harm in a little love for our coaches.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I'm not suggesting the Vanderbilt staff is taking their cues from DUI Billy or Larry Euchstacy, My only point with the "anything can happen," line is fans are constantly disappointed, and as soon as we think Vanderbilt is somehow exempt, pictures of CBJ in a dress will be on Deadspin

Seamus O'Toole said...

That is a downright hilarious image. Thank you for that.

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