Monday, June 28, 2010

You're Up Jeffery

Jeffery Taylor is getting a lot of love across the inter-web as one of the top prospects for the 2011 NBA draft. Here are a few little tidbits from various outlets.

From Andy Katz

"A.J. Ogilvy's decision to stay in the draft took away the Commodores' go-to post player. That means even more pressure will be on the versatile Taylor to produce. If he does, he'll be high on draft boards and the Dores will be a factor in the SEC East."

From John Givony of SI

"Taylor boasts notable athleticism and is one of the best defenders in college basketball. But he is still raw offensively, especially as a perimeter shooter. The Vandy stud has big upside, but must show he can step up and be productive on a consistent basis."

Gary Parrish has Taylor rated as the number 18 prospect in the upcoming NBA crop. thinks that Taylor's stock sits as a late first round pick, where as Draft Express values Taylor in the top ten picks.

Taylor has a real shot to boost his draft stock this season and give CKS the ever elusive first-round draft pick that this team really needs to take the next step. The real question is whether Taylor, with all his talent, will carry the scoring load for this squad, who desperately needs someone to be the go-to guy on the court. If Taylor has a big season and carries this team beyond its expectations (which is right now slotted at being the #4 team in the East), then you can expect 1) him to be a top ten pick, and 2) the program to take the next step in recruiting. But the time is now for Taylor, and we need him to realize his full potential.

You're up Jeffery.


Treymour said...

I love the guy, love my Dores, but I just don't see him being a 1st round pick. Not yet anyway.

He is a great athlete, he is a very good perimeter defender, and will more than likely only get better at that. But calling him "raw" on offense is a compliment. He can't finish at the basket unless it's a dunk. I have never seen a guy have so many good moves to get to the rim, only to consistently miss the finish once he gets there. And isn't just a "every now and again" thing, it is 7 times out of 10. The other issue is that he has no jump shot, which only makes the fact that he can't finish consistently that much worst. Team leave him at the 15 ft. range, because they know he hesitates so long on jump shots, that even if they double off of him, they can recover to have a hand in his face by the time he releases the ball. I watched it all year long last year.

Jeffery has the physical tools, and can improve, but if he doesn't show major offensive improvement this year, then I think we have to say that he is what he is. I waited for 3 years for AJ to live up to his potential, and become a leader, and develop a low post game. But at some point you just realize, he had no desire to get better and be a leader, he was happy were he was at. I hope Jeff is not that kind of player.. and I hope he proves me wrong and has put in a LOT of shooting work over the summer. Only time will tell. GO DORES!

Stanimal said...

There's a major difference between Taylor and some of our previous guys: He has uncanny athletic ability. NBA teams are much more willing to take less polished guys if they have athleticism.

I definitely think he needs to realize some of his enormous potential this year though. Not only does the team badly need it with A.J. and Beal gone, but Taylor has a real chance to be a highly valued NBA prospect and make some serious bank right out of the gate. Thus I would be working on that jumper like crazy if I were Jeffery.

Treymour said...

Completely agree Stan. I would be killing myself in the gym working on my shooting. I wonder who, if anyone, Vanderbilt uses to work on shooting with its players? I would love to see Jeff bring in a shooting coach and work like crazy. This needs to be his team along with JJ. I really hope that he grabs the opportunity to step up and be a leader by the horns. More than anything that is what this team has lacked over the last 2 years, a vocal, confident, go to leader on the court. Get it done Dores!