Saturday, June 12, 2010

VSL Poll: Texas A&M and Who Else?


Aaron said...

The SEC really wants texas. I hope they dont expand. This super conference notion is bad for the NCAA in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Texas can't be in a conf. without Texas Tech. It's actually a law on the books in Texas.

If the SEC invites Texas, the have to invite Tech unless the law is changed.

That leaves A & M as the possible candidate...along with Mizzou who didn't get the Big 10 invite.

Pick two:
would be your new "east" additions

Andrew Smith said...

The SEC should get Texas -- and it would be the better move for Texas by far.

But it should stay at 12 teams -- via my absurd pipe dream, which would actually benefit everyone. Eliminate one of the Mississippi schools.

Frankly, the state of Mississippi needs to take the lead in putting all its resources into making one of those schools the state's marquis institute -- because it simply does not have the population or educational wherewithal for two.

This would be good for the SEC's efforts to be a reputable academic league because the two Miss schools are the only ones in the conference that don't even make the USNews list of national universities. They're both considered third-tier public schools, and they're a real black eye for the SEC. Putting all the state's best academic resources in one would create a (bottom level) national university, a la South Carolina.

It would also be good from a sports perspective. Miss does not have the population for two SEC schools. Concentrate all the talent of those two schools in one, however, and you'd have a serious squad most years in football, basketball and everything else.

Andrew Smith said...

Actually, we should take both Texas and A&M but leave the conference at 12 by combining the Miss schools (see comment above) booting either Arkansas or USC.

Anonymous said...

Obviously that's never going to happen, but there was a recent article on ESPN showing that MSU was far and away the least competitive team in the SEC. The average MSU team finished 10th in SEC play. So it's a thought.

Vandy's average finish was 7th, incidentally. Women's bowling is not SEC-sponsored, of course. MSU may have strong teams in non-SEC sports too, that I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Do you people not get it???

Texas and Texas Tech HAVE to stay in the same league unless the law is changed.

Have you been watching too much american idol and had your i.q. destroyed by it?

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