Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SEC Basketball to Do Away with Divisions?

Thanks to Kyle for sending this story that appeared on Rush The Court and about the prospects of the SEC doing away with divisions in basketball.

I can certainly see doing away with the divisions when it comes to seeding the SEC Tournament, but maintaining them when it comes to scheduling (so east and west teams get a home and away against each other, and only face teams from the other divisions once). What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Change the format? No way.

That would be like letting Simon vote off the teams he didn't like. The last thing the world needs is SEC hoops being turned into a gay "reality show." That would suck.

Memorial Magic said...

My initial reaction was the same as the one expressed in the blog post. I'm fine with reseeding the SEC Tournament #1-12. This season was a perfect example of the #3 team in the East deserving a first round bye more than the top two teams in the West. However, this isn't a professional sports league, where your total number of wins determines whether or not you make the postseason. What matters in college basketball is who you beat, so I'd rather continue to play Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee twice a year. Just from the perspective of fan excitement, it would be crushing to lose the annual home-and-home with Kentucky and Tennessee. I would hope that the SEC would at least keep rivals playing twice a year if it does decide to scrap the divisions.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Well said Memorial Magic. Reseeding the tournament #1-12 (perhaps with the "division winner" from either east or west getting no worse than a #2) without discarding the divisional structure is the way to go. Basically, do what the SEC Baseball Tournament does without limiting the field to 8.