Monday, June 14, 2010

College Football Saved?

It now appears like the Big 12 minus 2 isn't least not yet. Multiple sources are saying Texas is now thinking to stay put and remain affiliated with a 10 team conference formerly known as the Big 12. If that happens, it seems like the seismic shift many feared will be averted. Sure, the Big Ten, which had 11, will now have 12, and the Pac 10, which looked poised to become the Pac 16, might be stuck at 11, and the Big 12, will only have 10 teams (got all that?!?). Still, this development strikes me as the best possible ending to what was a chaotic and frankly, nerve-racking last couple weeks. The SEC is better off as a 12 team conference, even if doesn't include a team in a Texas market. I always thought the SEC was better off staying at 12, especially given what it appeared the options for expansion were. Still, I think this whole fiasco sets a bad precedent for the NCAA and their grip on college athletics. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

The SEC is the biggest baddest conf. in college sports. So one has to ask, which colleges would make it even better? For me there are only a handful: Texas, Kansas, UNC and Duke.

BTW if the Big 12 remains w/ 10 teams, they will still face the same pressures that led them to strongly consider breaking up.

My prediction? If 1 major team bolts, it's every college for itself, and the conf. folds.