Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aaron Fitt Would Start Taylor Hill in Game 1 of Louisville Regional

Here's Aaron Fitt's tweet in response to VSLNation's query: "@VSLNation Best chance to win the regional is to save Sonny Gray for Game Two; surprised he's slated to start opener. I'd go Hill in Game 1." I agree 100% about starting Hill and saving Sonny for Game 2, (for a "next level" analysis, check out PhillipVU94's post on Anchor of Gold), but Fitt eludes to a Corbin already making a decision. So far, the VUCommodores primer makes no mention of a rotation, but if anyone would know, it's be Fitt.

UPDATE: Jeff Lockridge's story in the Tennessean confirms that Coach Tim Corbin intends to use his regular weekend rotation, which means Sonny Gray will go Friday against Illinois State

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