Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yeah, The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

Jeff Lockridge writes in today's Tennessean how the Commodores will know today if they will play host to an NCAA Regional, even before the entire field of 64 is announced. Baseball America's Aaron Fitt thinks the Commodores are on the outside looking in after losing to Florida 5-2 on Friday and failing to win their final season series against the Razorbacks at Hawkins Field. Amazingly, UConn, despite an RPI of 22, is predicted to host a regional while being a #2 seed by virtue of the 6,000 seat stadium in Norwich at their disposal for the Tournament. Bottom line: it's not looking good for the Commodores hosting, the question is, where we will be sent. Relying on Fitt's 16 hosts, and hoping the Commodores record is strong enough to avoid being sent to one of the National Seeds' regional, Vanderbilt fans would likely be sent to Miami, TCU, Oklahoma, or UCONN. Given the travel required, I'd be somewhat surprised if Vanderbilt got shipped out to Cal State Fulerton. However, given I know VERY LITTLE about college baseball and how their selection process works, me being "surprised" isn't worth much. If the Commodores were sent to the Nutmeg State, it would likely be as #1 seed, which Fitt thinks is going to the Seminoles. @VSLNation has a query into @AaronFitt right now asking for his lay of the land as it relates to @VandyBaseball.

We'll keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

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