Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Do These Two Men Have In Common?

1) They both conduct their business in a less than wholesome manner (for the purposes of fairness, Calipari obviously doesn't conduct ILLEGAL activity, but that's irrelevant as to this analogy).

2) Everyone KNOWS that they conduct their business in a less than wholesome manner.

3) No one has the balls to actually DO anything about it.

With the commitment of Terrence Jones just two weeks after his initial press conference where he committed to Washington, John Calipari has managed to snag another top-flight recruiting class where the national basketball media will kiss his hind-parts as if he were the second-coming himself. It truly amazes me how Calipari receives positive media attention. Granted, and I fully admit this, that most people who hate what he does are spouting sour grapes. But the thing that is most amazing to me is how he can so blatantly flaunt his sketchiness with his connections to Worldwide Wes, Lebron James, etc., and his clear and utter disinterest in his players academic progress (excluding John Wall, who despite being a narcissistic asshole, is pretty awesome in all other accounts).

So the analogy stands: John Calipari is Avon Barksdale circa The Wire Season One. His sketchiness is openly pervasive, everyone knows about it, and zero people have the balls to do anything about it.

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J.B., M.D. said...

I would counter and say that Cal is Marlo Stanfield around Season 5, and Stanimal is Bodie speaking his mind. Much more creepy.