Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vanderbilt's Regional Hosting Hopes Get a Boost?

UConn lost 6-5 to Rutgers in the Big East Tournament, and face an elimination game tomorrow. #13 Miami blew a 5 run lead in the 9th and lost in 12 to unranked BC, and Arkansas went down 5-4 to the Gators to be eliminated from the SEC Tournament. VSLNation has a query into Aaron Fitt asking for an updated host bubble, when we hear from him, we'll let you know.

Vanderbilt, with a win tonight, can seriously help their prospects to host the final NCAA Regional.


Anonymous said...

The other 3 teams in his "last 4 out" section lost yesterday, too. FSU fell to Miami, and are in an eliminator vs. UVA right now. Clemson lost 13-8 to NCSU. Oregon lost to Oregon St. and fell to .500 in the Pac 10.

Granted, Vandy was supposed to be ahead of all 3 teams. But it helps keep them from surging past VU with a great weekend.

AD said...

Just heard a radio commercial for VU baseball playoff tickets here next weekend...?