Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seamus' Shameless Plug for a Good Cause

This one's from Mama O'Toole. A kid who goes to the high school where she teaches has a great idea for a suicide prevention program. This student entered his idea in the Pepsi Refresh Project competition, and if his project proposal gets voted into the Top 10, he gets $50,000 in funding to implement it. He's currently at #14 out of 1,000 ideas but he needs your support to help bump up another four slots.

Please visit this link and vote. You can do it once a day, or as O'Shea would say: "Vote early, vote often."

From the website, a brief description of the Stuart H. Slusher Memorial Scholarship Fund:

Our plan is to create a school based public/private teenage suicide prevention program starting in Richmond, VA that can be implemented in schools across the country. The program will involve expert educational forums for students, faculty, parents, and the community to raise awareness and educate them on suicide prevention strategies.

Thanks for your help VSL Nation.

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