Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nashville Under Water; Final Two Games of UGA Series Canceled

In case you hadn't heard, the rain in Middle Tennessee has been unreal this weekend. My cousin's 10th birthday party turned into him and his buddies sloshing around the basement in knee-deep water and throwing whip-cream pies at each other outside in between thunder storms. But not everyone's had good enough fortune to be able to find enjoyment in the nasty weather. Mayor Dean has declared a state of emergency for Davidson County, interstates are closed, and five people have been tragically killed in the flooding.

With that news in mind, it might seem a bit in bad taste to talk about the consequences of the flooding for the Vanderbilt baseball team. Just a brief update on the state of affairs: After winning 17-5 on Friday night, the Commodores started over two hours late and got a mere 3 1/2 innings into the second outing of their three-game home stand against the Bulldogs on Saturday before the game was suspended due to rain (with Georgia holding a 4-2 lead at the time). The last two games of the series have been canceled outright, with no possibility of making them up (per SEC rules). That hurts given how badly the Dores (33-12, 10-9 SEC) were in need of a sweep over the Dawgs (13-30, 3-16) in order to buoy their chances of avoiding a low seed in the SEC tourney. The only remaining conference series are going to be brutal matchups at #15 LSU, at Mississippi State, and home against #8 Arkansas.

To the O'Shea family and all of Commodore Nation in the Nashville area, stay dry and safe and please urge your friends not to be like these rubbernecking gawkers who apparently have been interfering with the good work of the emergency crews around town. We'll have a more complete update from Bobby just as soon as we can.


Anonymous said...

Gawking at a disaster is below the level of watching american idol.

People should be on the safe side and just do neither.

Our baseball team has had plenty of opportunities to be better than 10-9 at this point in the SEC. Now they get a chance to step up and earn a better seed in the SEC and/or NCAA post-season. I think they will rise to the challenge.

Bobby O'Shea said... is now accepting contributions. Right now, we are in desperate need of sump pumps, fans, and red wine for the misses.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants a little good news, however slight, here's a photo of Hawkins Field at noon today. (Credit to AOG.)

Unknown said...

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