Monday, May 17, 2010

James Siakam Signs Letter of Intent

Jeff Lockridge is reporting in the Tennessean that the 6'6 junior, who is graduating a year early from high school, has signed his letter of intent to play for Vanderbilt. According to this report, the delay was the result of the school waiting for Siakam's ACT scores to come back. They have, and he's good to go. Welcome to Commodore Nation, Jimmy.


Stanimal said...

Siakam's nickname is "Bamba".

This is a good get for the Commodores. Based on what I've read and seen (which is admittedly not much), Siakam is a very raw, but extremely athletic and explosive player. While we may have to wait for any offensive production, he is a hustler who can add some good defense and rebounding immediately to the team, two things we desperately need.

Anonymous said...

sounds similar to stevie thunder