Friday, May 14, 2010

Basketball To Play Marquette
Sweet pickup by CKS and his staff. Having a challenging out of conference schedule is very important in my opinion. Also I'll have my own take on Andy Katz's crazy notion that Vandy could move to the Big Ten a little later.


Unknown said...

ted skuchas? about half way down after the guy attempting the toilet run.

Anonymous said...

baseball team is completing their sweep of mississippi state right now to get to 15-10 in the SEC. it's unfortunate we're not 18-10 which we probably would've been if we had played the uga games. we'd have a chance to get the #1 seed if we were there still.

Anonymous said...

Things are not always fair. I think we would have swept Uga, even the game we were behind in when it was called. But we should have NOT lost those two to ut. ut sucks and so does american idol.