Friday, April 23, 2010

DRAFT Discussion??????

So had a couple beers at lunch today and don't feel much like working this afternoon (my boss is already at another bar but I have to pretend to work). Anyway what are people's thoughts about last nights first round? Here are some of my initial impressions but feel free to comment with your own.

1) Tebow in first round? WHAH? Seriously? Well at least we are guaranteed to get some "South Park" jokes out of the Broncos taking Tebow. But a huge reach (even for a guy I think will turn into a good QB in the league). The draft is not just about getting good players but being smart and knowing where other teams were willing to take that player. Obviously I don't know the inner workings of any team but I really don't think the Bronco's had to take Tebow so early. Maybe I'm wrong but whatever. Also I hate all the in your face Christianity.

2) Sam Bradford #1 - Well I understand the pick but I think the Ram's were kinda forced into this position because they failed to pick up Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez the past 2 years. Hindsight being 20/20 I think they would have loved to take one of the big DT's and then grab Clausen with the first pick of the 2nd Round.

3) Clausen drops? Umm Ok, well I'm an unabashed Fighting Irish fan so maybe I'm biased but not sure how he drops into round 2. I think he will have a much bigger immediate impact than Bradford and def more than Tebow. Not saying he will be the best career pro but he is def more ready to start in the NFL right now than either of those 2.

4) Raiders make a smart draft choice for once. Way to go Al Davis. Just Win BABY!

5) Love the 49'ers taking 2 Offensive lineman. You got to build your franchise the correct way and after what seems like 15 years of them just taking skill position players, they finally wise up and take 2 guys who fight in the trenches.

6) San Diego - Well you needed a Running back so I get it but you didn't have to trade up to take Ryan Matthews in my humble opinion.

7) Has anyone else seen Jason Pierre-Paul's back flip routine? I don't know if this kid can play but that is freaking sweet.

8) Dam Arizona Cards and Miami Dolphins stole the 2 players I wanted the Jets to draft. Well I'll settle for Kyle Wilson, CB from Boise State but we need some depth on the DL. Maybe we get Mt. Cody in the 2nd.

9)Love Javid Best to the Lions. If he can stay healthy he is going to help Stafford out a ton.

Well that's it for the first round. Where does everything think Myron Lewis is gonna go? I think he drops to the 4th round as everyone but Cutler and Chris Williams have seemed to drop the past few years. I would love to see my Jets pick him up as I think his future might be as a cover/free safety hybrid guy. He has the size.

The only other player from Vandy I see getting picked is Thomas Welch and I think that will be in the 6th or 7th round. Again would like to see a team like my Jets get him as we need some depth on the OL. Whats everyone else's opinion?


Woody said...

From the folks I saw last night and talked to this morning, there's a pretty big "WTF?!?" sentiment out here right now and most people I know aren't happy. They did pick up a receiver from GT to replace Marshall, but there are a lot of Pony fans scratching their heads this morning, unless of course, they went to UF. Personally, I wouldn't have taken him, but you have to assume that the coaches and execs in the war room know more then we do.

On another note, my MBA is done and I'm currently job hunting. Anybody on VSL in the Denver Real Estate industry?

Stanimal said...

As an initial matter, I'm pretty pleased aboutxthe Falcons picking up Sean Weatherspoon. A smart choice and one that takes another step in solidifying defense.

As for the rest of the draft, I am somewhat shocked by Tebow going in the first round, but had heard it was likely to happen. I am shocked by a number of teams passing on Clausen, however, and shocked that Tebow went beforw him.

I agree on your sentiments with Mathews. Although San Diego's fleecing of Seattle in the Whitehurst trade by getting their early second round gave them the luxury of landing a good player at their position of need. It would have been likely that the Giants would have grabbed him, or maybe Seattle, so they really had to move up.

Stanimal said...

By the way Doug, you should be pretty happy with picking up Kyle Wilson. That was a great value at 30. It will be even more difficult to pass on the Jets with Revis, Cro, and Wilson.

Stanimal said...

My bad, 28

Douglas James said...

29. I agree it will be tougher to pass on the Jets the problem is if you can't get to the QB then he has all the time in the world to wait for a receiver to get open (HELLO Peyton in the AFC Championship game). The only way we sack the QB is by blitzing and if you do that too much, which we were forced to last season, then teams adjust. I like the pick was just hoping to solidify our DL. Because right now we are very thin up front.

Stan my roommate is a huge giants fan and freaked out when you guys picked up Weatherspoon. He thinks the guys is legit (if you care about some guy you don't knows opinion)

Anonymous said...

Welch and Lewis to the Bears

Seamus O'Toole said...

C.J. Spiller is a PHENOMENAL choice for the Bills. Always hard to project out but I think he has a great shot to become one of the best backs in the league.

Karl said...

I don't like Tebow, never have, and now I'm looking for reasons to believe in the Donkey's 1st round choice.
1. He knows how to win. He's full of intangibles.
2. When Leak was QB and UF put Tebow in, everyone knew it was a QB draw . . . and he still managed to pick up a crap ton of yards (in the SEC none the less).
3. Minus the Bible bashing, he's got a great attitude. I'm a believer that lack of talent can be compensated for with a strong will and work ethic.
4. Stan's gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)
I hope he proves the scouts wrong. McDaniels was successful with Cassell, maybe he sees something we don't. Fingers crossed

VandyPhile said...

Personally, "Also I hate all the in your face" atheism, these days. I appreciate that Tebow has standards, is not ashamed of them and personally follows them. Good character should be supported not denegrated.

Douglas James said...

I can't speak for anyone else VandyPhile but I'm a practicing Catholic, no athiest. My problem with any religion is when it is in your face. Religion in my opinion should be a more private experience. I acknowledge that Tebow is a great person and would like to have him on my team as I think he will be a good NFL QB in 2-3 years but I just find his religiousness irritating thats it.