Monday, March 1, 2010

You're Forgiven Gary

This was a little excerpt from Gary Parrish's Monday Look Back:

Why I'm dumber than I think: At this point I should just keep quiet about Vanderbilt, let Kevin Stallings continue to win games and never do anything to remind folks I'm the guy who picked the Commodores to finish fifth in the SEC East. But is that what I do? Nope. For some reason, I felt the need to pick Vandy to lose at Arkansas just before Vandy went to Arkansas and rolled to Saturday's 89-72 win that had Vandy fans publicly mocking me, just like always.

It's alright Gary. You can't go beating yourself up forever. You just need to finally respect that this team is A LOT better than you think.

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Chuck Heston said...

When Vandy's season ends, I suggest that we have a recap of the lowlights of the season. Not Vandy's bad games but the moronic moments of commentators, sports journalists and, yes, bloggers vis a vis Vanderbilt. Some suggestions:

1. Gary Parrish pre-season predicting Vandy to finish 5th in the SEC East.

2. Misuse of the word "dagger".

3. People coming out in favor of the 'stache.

4. "What a deliverance!"

5. People coming out opposed to the 'stache.

etc. etc.