Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vanderbilt/Mississippi State SEC Tournament Semifinal Post Game Open Thread

The loss hurts. Our seeding is now in the Selection Committee's hands


Bobby O'Shea said...

The problem with getting down big is you expend so much energy trying to get back in the game, that you run out of gas and can't get over the hump. The team did not play well, allowed MSU to dictate the pace of play, and struggled at the free throw line.

Clearly, AJ had a bad game, but there is no reason for the fans, his teammates, or A.J. himself to get down on him. He is still (and needs to continue to be) a big part of what we do on offense.

It was nice to see Brad get some confidence back in his stroke. Jenkins needs to do a better job of getting open and creating scoring chances for himself.

Overall, a disappointing performance, but not one that should have Commodore fans headed for the hills. We are a dangerous team whether we are a 4 or a 5 seed. Now all we can do is wait and see what our draw looks like.

Aaron Novick said...

The only conceivable benefit of this loss is that it could drop us down to a six seed, which might be better than a five in the end.

On the other hand, the fact that we haven't shown up to two of our last three games suggests we're in for another early exit in the NCAA tourney. Hopefully we can turn things around this week.

Anonymous said...

I really hate dogging the refs, especially when we had the chance to win late in the game, but were the refs as bad as Joe Fisher said they were? I was under the impression that at least two of AJ's walks were fouls not called.

Andrew Smith said...

Conspiracy theory time: Coming in to last week we were ranked 13 in the country and facing a bubble team, Florida. It looked, at the time, like the SEC had only three teams that would clearly make the NCAAs. A Florida win against a ranked team would put the Gators in the tourney, so it was clearly in the interest of the SEC as a league that we lose.

On that day, we went to the line just 8 times -- less than a third of our average and less than half as many times as in any other SEC game. Were the refs just letting everyone play? No. We sent the Gators to the line 20 times, which is just about average for us when we play any team but Kentucky.

Friday night, we're playing Georgia and the SEC already knows that the winner gets bubble team Miss St. It is clearly in the league's interest to see Miss St. go to the final and (almost certainly) get a bid for three SEC tourney wins. We go to the line just 16 times against Georgia and send them to the line 21 times, but still manage to win the game.

Today we play Miss St. A win against us puts them into the tourney and helps the SEC. We go to the line 17 times and send them to the line 20 times. Miss St. wins and the SEC (most likely) gets a 5th team into the tourney.

Before the Florida game we had never been to the line less than 19 times in a conference game and only once been to the line less than 25 times in a game. Then, we go to the line 18 or fewer times in three of our last four games.

What about the exception -- the one game where a Vandy defeat would not help send more SEC teams to the NCAAs? In that game, vs SC, we go to the line 30 times.

In our first 14 SEC games, we shot more free throws than our opponents 11 times -- and two of the three exceptions were the same team, Kentucky. In the three games down the stretch when the SEC had reason to be against us, our opponents shot 18 more free throws than we did.

How much does it matter? Hard to say. When the other team is allowed to foul with impunity, it's hard to put together offense.

Anonymous said...

How am I supposed to stay on the Commodore bandwagon if they keep playing like this?

I'd like to be a fair-weather fan, but it seems like its alwys raining on the 'Dores.

Anonymous said...

4 seed? 5 seed?

Anonymous said...

AJ was awful. Period. An embarrassing performance actually, when you think about it. Can anyone remember the last time Vandy controlled the opening tip? The Dores have a 6'11" Center, and for the life of me, I cannot recall the last time the team won the opening tip and scored on its 1st possession. No big thing, I grant you. But just 1 of the many inexplicable trends that this team exhibits.

To have a Jr. Center, who has started since his Fr. year, and was preseason All SEC, not to have a single point in the 1st half of a Tournament game is an embarrassment. Would Greg Monroe or Luke Harangody allow that to happen. Literally, these big time players would knock opponents down getting to the hoop to score.

What's really frustrating, is that the next time out, AJ will score 20+ points and grab 10+ rebounds and be the MVP of the game. I expect such inconsistency from a young player, not a Jr. Center for a major team.

AJ, there are no more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Why would we continually try to drive to the basket with a soft AJ against the NCAA's record holding shot blocker? Did we really think we could pound it inside and win.

I project us at a 6 seed.

Unknown said...

Honestly your "analysis" is way off. Why should Ogilvy be at all "what we do on offense." HE chooses whether or not he shows up every game. He has no work ethic. He laughs when he messes up. He is a disgrace. ID rather have Skuchas then him. Stallings should blame this loss on his coaching he runs no plays for Jenkins. The team has LOTS of issues. Why is Taylor doing reverse jams in key situations. He almost missed ANOTHER dunk today. The bottom line is that the focus should be on our best players, Beal, Jenkins, and Taylor. NOT Ogilvy.

Unknown said...

Jordan, you raise an excellent point. I think that most people, including myself expect AJ to be one of our best players, and he has done nothing but regress since the promise he showed his first year. And that is not because we are such a better team that we have toi spread the bal around more, although we do have a much better team. The truth of the matter is that he cannot play against anyone who has a physical presence. He is simply SOFT. Unfortunately you cannot teach toughness and desire. I would not be surpirsed if by the end of next year he is not starting. Even Stallings guarded post gmae comments seemed to infer a level of frustration with AJ without identifying him. Hopefully he was thoroughly embarrassed and will rededicate himslef to the NCAA. And lets hope we do not have to face amyone with an inside physical presence for at least a couple of rounds.

Steven said...

Lunardi's latest bracket has us as a 5 seed against.......SIENA