Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NFL Combine, My Thoughts On UF And Other Random Things

Last Nights Game: Big win last night. Can't remember a team that played as well on the road as this one. This should help us in playing on neutral courts for the SEC and NCAA Tourney's. Here are some random thoughts about the game.

1) Jenkins MUST remain in the starting lineup. Sorry Brad, you will be back to starting next year.
2) We weather runs very well. Florida went on a 16-2 run. That hurt but were didn't lose our composure.
3) As deep as we are its both awesome and infuriating how inconsistent we are. On any night AJ, Beal, Brad, Lance, Andre, Taylor or Jenkins can lead the team in scoring. You never know night to night who is going to score. This is both a good and a bad thing. Would like to have at least one guy consistently scoring.
4) DMC - with Lance's foot injury he is back in the rotation and looking pretty good. I think he will be a solid guy off the bench for this team next year. You can always use big men who can rebound, pass the ball and foul hard.

Taylor to the NBA? Yesterday in Chad Ford's Draft blog on he had this to say about Taylor:

Jeff Taylor, F, Vanderbilt I came into the season very high on Taylor. He's a terrific athlete who can play multiple positions. After a strong end to his freshman campaign, I didn't think it was out of the question that he could be ranked as a lottery pick by now.Alas, Taylor got off to a slow start in front of a number of NBA scouts at the Maui Invitational and stayed in a funk until February. However, this month he's begun to show the promise we expected before the season.What's changed is Taylor's aggressiveness. He's taking more shots and, more importantly, putting the ball on the floor and getting to the basket with much more regularity. When he does this, it's hard to stop him. His best game was in a big Vandy win over Tennessee. Taylor went 7-for-12 from the field and a perfect 12-for-12 from the line. He also had a big game against Ole Miss and was good, but not great, against Kentucky.If Taylor can put up a big performance or two in the tournament, he's the type of player who could shoot up the rankings quickly based on his athletic profile. Right now we have him in the 20s on our Big Board, but there's room for him to go higher.

Interesting that Taylor has a terrible game the night that Ford posts this. I hope/think Taylor will be back next year because really think the team will be his next season in terms of scoring. I think he can be a top 10 pick if he becomes more consistent.

NFL Combine: Seniors Thomas Welch (OL) and Myron Lewis (CB) recently participated at the NFL Combine in Indy. Here is an article from the Tennessean about Lewis's performance. Seems like he did pretty good. Maybe moving up his stock a little, but I still don't see him as anything but a mid round pick. As far as Welch he was a top performer for OL in the bench press, vertical jump and broad jump. At 6'6, 307 someone is going to take him and give him a chance to develop because he has got all the physical tools.


Anonymous said...

Man, that Taylor story just ruined my giddy mood. Hopefully he doesn't leave this year. Although maybe it would be good for future recruiting. Getting NBA talent and letting them know they can showcase it at Vandy. Hmmm...

Alex said...

I know NBA scouts are always high on athleticism, but I can't imagine Taylor leaving after this year. He really needs to develop his jumper to be a consistent player in the pros, and I think he would really hurt his career chances if he left now. His dad was an NBA player and I'm sure he will get good advice, I just don't see him leaving this year.

@alexalm on Twitter

Anonymous said...

No chance Taylor goes to the NBA after this year. Although he shows great potential, he's honestly just not good enough yet. Nevertheless, when Taylor turns into a/the/our consistent high-scorer (as James mentioned in his post of what Vandy is missing) next year, then he might be ready. Until then, however, he's not, so very little reason to worry.

VandyGold28 said...

I can't wait for UGA to finish off it's home sweep of all the SEC east teams tonight.

Anonymous said...

DMC is back? I thought he went to Mizzou and then to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Anonymous said...

DMC is back? I thought he went to Mizzou and then to the Memphis Grizzlies.