Friday, March 19, 2010

The Morning After...

Does anyone feel any better? I do take solace in the fact that the Hoyas knocked us off the front page as the biggest upset of the day. And, because I'm still bitter about Georgetown's win in 2007, I'm particularly happen it happened to the Hoyas. My question is this: now what?

The Vanderbilt Baseball team opens up SEC play tonight in Alabama against the Crimson Tide.


Anonymous said...

I'm still bitter about their win also. They got a freebie at the end of that game which allowed them to win. Vanderbilt deserved to go to the Elite 8.

Anonymous said...

This sucks. And now Tennessee gets to go up tomorrow against measly Ohio and grab an easy win to the Sweet 16. Ugh. Way to blow it, Vandy.

Anonymous said...

I was ok until the games started coming on this afternoon. Then I felt sick.

What's next?

Talking about a potential 2-win football team?


Anonymous said...

Ohio's team is not "measly" (ask Georgetown)...but there is a chance we will go 1-11 in football. And if so, CBJ will still not be fired.

That would require hiring and new coach. And who would do that?