Friday, March 26, 2010

Aaron Fitt Thinks Vanderbilt Can Get to Omaha in 2010

Step one: win the UK series this weekend. #20 Vanderbilt (18-4, 1-2) plays host to #24 Kentucky (16-5, 1-2) at 6 pm today, 2 pm tomorrow, and 1 pm Sunday. Joe Fisher has the call on 560 AM WNSR. Forecast calls for 70-degree and sunny weather Saturday at Hawkins Field -- someone please remind me why it is that I do not live in Nashville.

Fitt's preview of the Vandy-Kentucky matchup and weekend rundown on the college baseball landscape is a must-read.

In related news, Sonny Gray has been named to the Pitcher of the Year and Golden Spikes Award watchlists. Bobby, Stanimal and I saw him pitch against Niagara in the first game of the season. Pretty impressive.

Who knows, maybe this team will be the one to jump up and surprise us this year...


Anonymous said...

I didnt realize that VU and UK are only SEC teams that have never made the College World Series. Well, maybe this year we can leave UK alone on that list. Winning this weekend series would be a great start.

Anonymous said...

Today was a really bad day for UK.

Swept by VU in baseball.
Upset by WV in hoops.

Couldn't even make the final four with a bought team.

american idol might suck really bad, but being a UK fan right now would such almost that bad...almost