Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vanderbilt/Kentucky Post Game Open-Thread


Anonymous said...

3 pointers... just... damn

Chuck Heston said...

No shame whatsoever in this loss. Holding KY to the 50's is a feat; and the defense was just short of smothering. Sometimes the long ball just doesn't fall. Who knows? Maybe another chance in Nashville in March in the SEC Tournament final?

Now I will turn on my police scanner to hear the soon-to-be posted APB regarding the activities of Messers. Seamus, Stanimal and Douglas James

Unknown said...

Cousins takes it to Outback Steakhouse..again!

Douglas James said...

Chunk I am drinking heavily at a random nashville bar. We played hard but still a gut wrenching loss

Unknown said...

as many of yall know im just a 14 year old kid...but probably the biggest ine you'll find...this story will make you hate demarcus cousins even more....yesterday my dad and i got to the game an hour early...kentucky and vanderbilt were shooting around...demarcus walks over to their bench by hiumself so i boo him. he sits down looks at me and shakes his we have front row seats in sec d so it wasnt that hard for him to see dad then yells"throw some more elbows tonight" he flips us off and holds it for 5 seconds at least (after the fact we talked to the announcer who is pone of our friends and he said that they were tryin to get it ojn camerea) but thats not dad kinda shrugs and demarcus gets up walks over to us and is crouching right in our face....he syays" YOu got somethin to say to dad said"yeah wwe're just havin fun you need to have funn too" Thug says "i am" dad says"yeah droppin birds you just need to have fun...Demarcus says "how about fuck you and then he turns to me and says fuck you too...he walks away and all game we were yellin at him he was makiin motions at the end of the game he did this like in your face wave and then thrrew me his headband...i dont nio what to do with it..ive been offered 500 dollars for it already

Anonymous said...

Grey: If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Maybe you should sit back a few rows?

Anonymous said...

Cousins is "just a 19 year old kid"... the guy obviously has no discipline and there is no doubt he will end up in jail before he is an NBA success. Still, these guys are still kids basically even though they are grown to the size of huge men. I fully support trying to get in the other team's head and trying to create a home court advantage DURING the game, but I think during warm-ups and in their personal life these kids should just be left alone. These guys don't deserve to have their personal lives torn apart(speaking of the cell phone calls from MSST)just b/c you don't like the school they chose to play for.

To the point, the guy had no right to respond that way in any case and you should sell the headband and get some tix to see our dores dominating in the tourney. Make something positive out of it and don't throw a fit over his actions cuz that "kid" is only a few years older than you.

Andrew Smith said...

A few random thoughts on the game:

1. I don't blame the kids on either team, but I was very unhappy that the refs let it get so rough. It's natural, in big games, for guys to get physical, and when the refs let it go, the physical play just keeps escalating until you wind up in the Big East. It may be natural, but it's not good ball, and the refs need to stop it -- even if it means tossing good players early.

2. Given that the refs had no intention of forcing anyone to play basketball, I was glad to see that Vandy responded in kind to Kentucky's rough play. If the refs are going to allow the rough stuff, there's absolutely no other way to stay in the game -- that's why the Big East has such a sensational record when playing out-of-conference schools. Vandy did not have this sort of fire early in the season, as they demonstrated in the Cincinnati game. Nice to see that they have it now..

3. Some heartbreaking losses cause teams to wither and regress. Others make teams mad and cause them to play better. I think this loss will prove to be the second kind. I think Vandy knows that they played Kentucky, even on a day when they could not buy a bucket, and that they'd have beaten the number two team in the country by about 15 points if they'd just shot normally. I think they are going to want to prove themselves for the rest of the season, not by beating teams but by clobbering them.

Andrew Smith said...


You should sell the headband and donate the money to Rajaan Bennett's family so they can afford a decent funeral.

macpfled said...

That game was a heartbreaker! I told myself all day I would be fine with the loss, but I wanted it so bad. I want to play those thugs so bad in the sec tournament. I am not convinced they are a better team.


1) I love chaingang and festus to death, and they bring a toughness and attitude off the bench that I think rattles a lot of teams. But they seriously need to be smart about their fouls. They can play just as physical but and not pick up that cheap, chippy stuff. If they stay in that game last night I am convinced we win.

2)I am so confused about my feelings toward Beal. It's hard to knock him when he is hitting his shots, but I always cringe when he pulls up 8 seconds into the shot clock. He could take us to the final four if he's hot, but I would rather put it in the hands of Taylor, Walker, bigs, etc grinding teams out down low. Once it goes low, then kick it out for the 3.

3)I am starting to get nervous about Taylor going early to the pros. From what I can find online, he might be looking at lottery 2011? I can't help but dream about two years with tinsley taylor walker JJ and team Africa (i dont think thats offensive..?). I think we would be a top 5 team in the country.

4)Tinsley dunk two games in a row, last nights was pure basketball euphoria.

5)Didn't it feel like we were moments away from getting cousins or bledsoe to punch somebody, thus sending UK into a downward spiral and an early exit from the tournament.

6)What was going through darshawns head when he steps into the game for the first time to attempt one of the hardest plays in basketball....whatever it was it was clutch!

Lets finish strong dores, it doesn't get any easier.

Anonymous said...

How many times did the ball go through Ogilvy's hands yesterday?

Anonymous said...

that was a battle between the two best teams in the SEC. i hate kentucky, but i give them full credit for our poor shooting. they were in our shorts all game. as we were with them (Beal and Taylor were awesome against Wall, and our bigs dominated the boards). don't think we had an off-night and they got lucky. they forced our bad shots, just as we forced their's. and the truth is, they came through in the clutch. we had the lead at the end and then they scored 8 straight and we made stupid mistakes and forced bad shots.

i honestly believe we are the better team. we have more weapons, more depth, more composure and MUCH better free throw shooting (on of the biggest factors late in the tournament). but they went out and took that game from us. they have a lot of talent, but, more than anything else, they have a team of winners who all want the ball for the last shot. and i'm not sure, outside of beal, that we have any. its a mental attitude and i'm not sure we have it yet. i think we are getting there, but im not confident in our "go to guy possibilities".

also, there is absolutely no excuse for Lance to be in the game at such critical moments. lance should get filler time in dead spots in the games and against weaker foes, but SHOULD NOT be getting big time minutes late against KY. i love his tenacity but he just can't compete in those situations.

all-in-all, there were plenty of disappointments and signs of greatness yesterday, and at the end, i am very pleased to see us fight with them, stand tall and limit them to 58 total points, and what i am sure they will consider the most physical game of their season.

we have a lot of potential and i can't want to watch the rest of this season.

Anonymous said...

my good ole friends at rivals love this demarcus cousins incident...dont no why yall are kissin up to him