Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SEC Tournament Seeding Tiebreakers

With Florida's win last night over Tennessee at home, there has been some discussion as to what the rules are for SEC Tournament Tiebreakers (i.e., what is the least that could happen for Vanderbilt to still get a #2 seed out of the East). Below is the link from the SEC on those rules.

All this should be moot, however, because I do not see the Commodores going gently into that good night over the rest of the regular season slate. On the contrary, I think you'll see a team with some fire in their belly after an infuriating loss on Saturday.

Go Dores!


Bobby O'Shea said...


Way to clarify what I made incredibly confusing.

Anonymous said...

Florida isn't going to win out. They can't hit their outside shots without banking them in. They'll win maybe 1 more game, 2 at most.

Vandy just needs to win their home games and its a lock.

VandyGold28 said...

Though we may only NEED to take care of business at home that's not guaranteed. First, take care of UGA at home. I really hate them for doing that to us in Athens. Very frustrating loss.

I'd like the Commodores to at least go 3-1 and pick up another road win at UF or at Arkansas. I'd actually rather beat the Razorbacks considering the heart burn that team always gives us. Why do they have Stallings number?

And I still think this team could actually finish out 13-3 and 4-0 down the stretch. That would be HUGE for seeding. I really think the team could do it.....

They keep proving they aren't the Vandy of old. Though Vandy of old beat UK at home, they weren't that UK team. This team could literally end up a 3 seed in the NCAAs and maybe even a 2 depending on how they fare in the SEC tourney.

Stanimal said...

I think the possibility is certainly there VandyGold. I was merely trying to give a "floor" as to the bare minimum we would need in order to maintain a bye in the SEC tournament.

I would disagree with you about beating Arkansas rather than UF. If we beat UF, we lock up the bye, simple as that. Florida has to beat both us and Kentucky in order to stay in the hunt for that second bye out of the East.

Regardless, I too would be disappointed with 2-2, and really think we should go at least 3-1 if not 4-0 down this stretch.