Monday, February 15, 2010

SEC Power Poll Results: Feb. 14-21

The results from this week's poll are available at Garnet and Black Attack. Points to notice include Vanderbilt's assumption of a stranglehold on the second spot and Mississippi St.'s rise in the rankings after a strong week. Florida and Ole Miss drop a bit after struggling this week. The rest is generally the same, with the good teams winning, the mediocre winning some and losing some, and the bad being bad. The exception would be Tennessee, who lost twice but stayed the at third, the losses coming against UK and VU.

1. Kentucky Wildcats 108 (unanimous)

2. Vanderbilt Commodores 99 (unanimous)

3. Tennessee Volunteers 88

4. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 75

5. Florida Gators 69

6. Mississippi Rebels 65

7. Arkansas Razorbacks 55

8. South Carolina Gamecocks 49

9. Alabama Crimson Tide 35

10. Georgia Bulldogs 30

11. Auburn Tigers 20

12. LSU Tigers 9 (unanimous)

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