Monday, February 15, 2010

Reviewing the Worldwide Leader's Coverage of Vanderbilt

Andy Katz's Weekly Watch has both Vanderbilt games on this radar.

Joe Lunardi's Bracketolgy has Vanderbilt solidyly in as a 4 seed playing in Spokane. Interestingly enough, Lunardi has the Commodores in the same bracket as two teams they have already beaten this season (St. Mary's as a 12 playing Temple, and Missouri opening up against Clemson). Joe only has 3 SEC teams in, with Florida, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss among the last 4 out.

Mark Sclabach's Bubble Watch has the Commodores are a "lock" from the SEC, along with UK, with Tennessee getting the "should be in" treatment.

Lesson #5 from Eammon Brennan's Five Lessons from a Fake Selection Committee stood out: the importance of polls. According to the report, the selection committee looks at 3 polls: AP, Coaches Poll, and the National Association of Basketball Coaches in which one coach from each of the 31 conferences ranks 15 teams in his region. Based on the Coaches poll's decision to rank Tennessee over the Commodores, a team they beat twice, the Coaches Poll has zero credibilty. As Brennan writes: "After two days of looking at teams, I can safely inform you that our committee didn't look at any of these three polls once. This strikes me as a good thing -- polls are dumb, and shadow polls completed by 31 coaches in regional fashion are even dumber. We have far better ways of seeding the NCAA tournament. Fortunately, we use them."

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