Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recruiting Countdown: Good News, Bad News

Tomorrow is National Signing Day, folks -- the #2 sporting event of the year for SEC fans (coming in a close second to the entire football season from start to finish). As Douglas James has been tracking, the recruiting story for Vanderbilt has been mostly positive.

This is shaping up to be Vanderbilt's best ever recruiting class, and there are a lot of things to like about the way the coaches have filled needs this year. The latest bright spot is the addition of Rivals 4-star running back Rajaan Bennett (only 4-star in the class), who from what I can tell will DEFINITELY see the field next season. Adding him helped the Commodores leap up in the recruiting class rankings to #57 (Rivals) and #49 (Scout).

On the downside, another player just decommitted yesterday. 3-star DB Sharrod Golightly, "going lightly" in the brain (sorry), thinks he is headed for greener pastures in Columbia. I look forward to proving him wrong about the color of the grass in Steve Spurrier's pastures. This class is DB-heavy though, so you can't blame the guy that much.

Jeff Lockridge pointed out that with Golightly bouncing, that totals 5 Commodore recruits who have decommitted. I wonder if Golightly, Nash Nance (Ten­nes­see), Brad­ley Roby (Ohio State), Myron Ross (Tem­ple), and Davis Dudchock (Stan­ford) would have hung in there if Vanderbilt had put up a better 2009 season. Who knows.

What I do know is that there are always going to be recruits that break your heart and jump ship at the last minute, but the flip side of the coin is that sometimes you pick up an unexpected gem or two at the eleventh hour. There are still a few studs left out there who've expressed some interest in playing for CBJ. Hey, you never know. Stay tuned...


Douglas James said...

It should be noted that many people believe Nash and Dudchock's scholarship offers were actually revoked by VU for the players lying to the team. I'll be actually working tomorrow and have some stuff tomorrow night to do but will try and get at least a post in about who sends in their letters of intent.

Douglas James said...

Also just so everyone knows Jordan Rodgers (QB) and Kenneth Ladler (DB) have already signed and enrolled in classes this semester.