Friday, February 19, 2010

A Message from Dolla Beal

This email appeared in my inbox this morning

Vandy Fans -

Last week, one of our biggest rivals came into Nashville and Memorial Gym and left with bruised egos and a loss, partly because of you. You created such an electric atmosphere that made beating them so much sweeter. Thank you for making Memorial Gym the best place in the country to play college basketball.

This Saturday, my teammates and I are taking on the #2-ranked Kentucky Wildcats in Memorial Gym. We're all pumped for the game, and I hope you are, too. I loved looking over at the student section during the last game and seeing nothing but white, so this week we want all of you to wear GOLD to the game, arrive early, and be loud and crazy. As much as we, the team, love your energy and passion, please keep your cheers as fresh and clean as I am. Over the past few weeks, the NCAA and media outlets have been targeting student sections for their behavior, and we don’t want anything to happen that would change the magic that is Memorial Gym. Let’s continue to act like we’ve been there before.

Finally, my teammates and I really love the trip across the court to the student section after the game to celebrate, but we can't do this if you rush the court! So, please, stay in your seats and we will come get crazy with you.

Coming off a great win last night, we are ready for Saturday and Kentucky, and hope you are, too. Come early, wear GOLD, and scream until you can’t breathe. See you there!


Dolla Beal


Joe said...

"Keep your cheers as fresh and clean as I am." LOL. Does anyone else remember a TV commentator talking about an interview with Jermaine that went something like this:

Commentator: "What would you say is your greatest strength?"
Dolla: "Looking fresh on the scene."

jaybeas said...

While I agree with the sentiment (act like you've been there, don't rush the court), did Dolla just jinx us? It seems like every time we discuss rushing the court/tearing down the goalposts in an upcoming game, we end up losing. WE NEED AN ANTI-JINX!

Anything but Gatorade said...

If they tear down those goal posts, where on earth would they ever find new ones? MOR JINX PLZ.

Unknown said...

we better not rush the court. not because of a fine, but because we should expect to win. this isn't like several years ago when we were a huge underdog.

Tom M said...

Dolla Beal makes it rain!

No need to rush the court. And certainly no need to act like those MSU fools.

Colin said...

Since the email was clearly prompted by the athletic department, and they show similar announcements before and during every home game, I am not acknowledging the jinx... I'm also not acknowledging Beals last game, when he only scored double digits because of the free throw shooting contest at the end, with 1st place in the sec at stake I want the Beal that makes VSL excited to insult me and not the predicament that showed up last night. Stay fresh and clean.

Sol Blake said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Vandy followed "two dimes and a nickel" Beals' advice.


UK rules, Vandy drools, way to looks like fools!

Go Big Blue