Saturday, February 13, 2010

LSU Post-Gam. Thread

A win is a win, but it certainly wasn't pretty. The team clearly missed Andre and The Future. With our next game Thursday at Ole Miss, the team should have time to get to 100%


AD said...

I'm ready to move on and get ready for an important game in Oxford. To do that, I'll be watching this video often.

Unknown said...

I'm not too worried about this game. Walker would have been a better match up for mitchell and jenkins would have busted their sloppy zone in about 30 seconds. tinsley needed to knock down some early threes to open the lane for AJ. "just win baby" - al davis.

Douglas James said...

Suck we only get 1 day off after Ole Miss to get ready for Kentuck. UK plays tuesday and gets 2 extra days to prepare.