Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

After talking with Seamus last night I decided to look for the J-Holwerda dunk online. Unfortunately I couldn't find it but I did find his pass to Corey Smith to win the NIT game against Wichita State.

That was Seamus, Stanimal, Bobby and I's last home game as seniors. Pretty cool way to end our time at Memorial. Really excited about us reuniting this Saturday to take down UK.

BTW, if anyone ever finds Holwerda's dunk I'll pay good money to see it. Wonder if it is as truly awesome as I remember it being.

AWESOME UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seek and ye shall find or so the saying goes correct? Thanks to a member on I was led to this link which is the highlights from the 2003-04 team. Both Holwerda's dunks from the LSU game are shown starting around 4:52 into the clip.

Man I loved that team. So many amazing memories that year.


Chuck Heston said...

Gary Parrish leaves Vandy's rank unchanged at #20, despite wins this week against TN (ranked as high as #12) and LSU. If you think that's bogus, take a look at which team he ranks at #21.

AD said...

I can't think of a better Valentine's Day video than this one (recently linked):

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