Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VSL Live-Blog: Vanderbilt @ Alabama

Join us at 8 central


VandyGold28 said...

i honestly don't know if this vandy team can go on the road and beat a talented alabama team. it sounds like the house will be packed including the national championship football team and coach saban. unfortunately i feel this game is a must win where we won't necessarily do that. i know, not very positive.

this team CAN do this. but they need to be hitting on even more cylinders than they were against florida. this will be a much tougher game in every way. tinsley needs to show up and be an x factor after playing poor as of late. maybe this will be his wake up call. fez and aj need big games down low. walker needs to continue to stick the team together as the glue man. taylor needs a 30 point game. where are you jeff!? jenkins needs a few big shots and beal needs to continue to lead this team at the point position and stop shooting up ridiculous threes.

if we can do all that we definitely win and probably by double digits. very nervous about this one. if we come away with it however it'll be very large. we need to sweep this week to even get close to a top 25 ranking. may still not get there even with the wins.

Bobby O'Shea said...

This is certainly a big game (hence the live-blog...what up plug!), but I don't think this is a "must win" by any stretch of the imagination. Vanderbilt is 12-3 and1-0 in the conference. Losing on the road to a good Alabama team will not make or break the season, and a loss tonight should not prompt anyone in VSLNation to hit the panic button