Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vanderbilt/South Carolina Open-Thread

Sounds off on the game


VandyGold28 said...

let's go Vandy! big game! taylor, walker, and ogilvy i'm looking to you to pick this one up for us.

ogilvy HAS to have a big game down low. let's get the points in the first half instead of waiting til the second half.

Anonymous said...

im already liking the way we are passing the ball and not playing selfishly...sometimes we are passing too much(taylor)

Chuck Heston said...

First, it sounds like Joe Fisher is broadcasting from the USC student section. I clearly hear USC students' conversations in the background.

Second, once again it looks like a minimal defensive effort is resulting in a shot-out. The score for both teams is likely to be in the mid-high 80's. Hope Vandy's shooters show up.

Chuck Heston said...

Downey on the bench . . . AJ misses 2 FTs, Tinsley misses a lay up, Tinsley turn over, and then the lights go out literaly.

Colin said...

The predicament: -1 for the first half

Sol Blake said...

Downey is looking un-defendable. This game can't come down to one posession.

Andrew Smith said...

I can't tell watching on a computer monitor. Is SC actually committing no fouls despite a desperate press while Vandy fouls every trip down the floor despite a massive lead that should make them never foul? Are the refs trying to keep it close for TV or are we this stupid?

Anonymous said...

lol vandygold

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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