Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vanderbilt Wins Over UT in Knoxville: Post-Game Thread

I'm going out to consume a lot of alcoholic beverages, but leave your thoughts! STATEMENT WIN FOLKS!


Unknown said...

And Dollah comes out and silences us all. He stepped up big time tonight. Great win.

Douglas James said...

Beal 4-6 from the 3 point line!!!!! JK Colin. But seriously great win for the team. We were really helped out in the 2nd half by all the fouls the officials called. I know its a rivalry game and both teams were alittle chippy but I get annoyed when refs call everything like they did tonight. I guess I should want that since Vandy is deeper than most teams but as a basketball fan its lame.

On another note anyone who watched the game at a bar instead of on their couch consider yourself lucky because:

1) ESPNU is laughably bad. I think they make every mistake imaginable. Wrong players, wrong team, not knowing who is on offense, not know how many fouls players had, whoever was handling the scoreboard messed up at least 4 times....etc etc etc.

2)Darren Stultzfus....I considered writing an entire post about how much I hate this kid but decided against it. This student reporter was a total tool bag. I seriously hope he gets pummeled when he goes out to some campus bar tonight. Everytime he talked I had to mute the tv.

Chuck Heston said...


Seamus O'Toole said...

JERMAINE BEAL. Way to put the team on your back and get a monster win on the road to keep the Dores alone atop the SEC.

Colin - need any help wiping that egg off your face? (Cheap shot I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. But seriously, do you?)

J.B., M.D. said...

Glorious day!

J.B., M.D. said...

Love the next big Businessman of Vegas.

Also, the Truth and the Glue played excellent ball tonight.

Anonymous said...

When Tennessee comes into Memorial...the student section needs to sing the theme song to COPS: Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do?

Bobby O'Shea said...

Best money I ever spent. I'll have my recap from what it was like from inside Thompson-Bolling. Fantastic win for the Commodores.

So this is what the driver's seat feels like

Colin said...

Super happy about the win, and yes I did appreciate the irony of my posts leading up to the game, but will be quick to point out that the two threes he hit at the end of the game were both taken when the closest UT personnel to him was Bruce Pearl. I believe my caveat was wide open 3 pt jumpers, and I still think his mid range pull up is the actual killer and makes our offense dangerous, but I'm happy to be proven wrong, if it comes in a winning effort. By the way I'll continue clearing space for everyone on the Tinsley bandwagon, he kept us in it early again and is the one guy who adimatly wants to go to the line late in games. I'll continue my theme of over reaching statements and say that the egg on my face must have been excess from that on everyone elses that resulted from their stance on Tinsley.

Side Note: thoughts on the JP Prince situation? He gets tossed form any other arena right? How is that a double technical? Why couldn't ESPNU offer me some sort of information on any of this?

i'll shut up now and wait for some incomprehensible fragmented comment from anonymous about how i am ... or ... for my views

Vandy-Montana said...

One T was direct, the other indirect. You need two direct T's or a combination of three other T's to get tossed. College rule...

Andrew Smith said...

The best thing about this game was the fact that pretty much everyone but Beal played terribly (though Tinsley was okay) and the team still won pretty big.

Actually, that understates what went wrong for Vandy. The refs allowed Tennessee to play "aggressive" D all night long, while calling it tight on us. They also failed to eject a Tennessee player who clearly threw a punch and then went on to play well. Plus we were lousy at the free throw line until the end.

And we still beat a quality team -- though one that wasn't playing its best -- on the road, in a rivalry game.

Unknown said...

Who is the Truth? Are we recycling names now? Cuz that is Foster

Anonymous said...

i agree that tennesse student was awful

Vandy-Montana said...

Yeah, I don't know why JP didn't get tossed after taking a swing and connecting. I guess the officials thought it was part of the play.

Oh well, we won. I'm not complaining.

Unknown said...

B/c he won't get love anywhere else, got to give props to Andrew Walker. Can you ask for more than: 9 points, 7 boards, 5 asst., 1 stl., and 2 blks? The guy does everything. Not to mention, he seems to be the 1st guy to step into a scrap (and take a punch). That "student reporter" was a joke.

Unknown said...

I have always been jealous of other teams' fans that didn't feel incredible anxiety when having to turn to the 6 to 9 spots for productive minutes in big games... I'm not jealous anymore.

Anonymous said...

First of all I thought our defense was the unsung story of the game. Our zone was really effective at times, and had the ball not bounced UT's way on so many sloppy possessions this game could have been a lot more comfortable. Taylor, Walker, Festus were all animals on D and had it not been for so many touch fouls called on them UT would have been a lot more stymied.

Ogilivy again played very mediocre, I think its hilarious when he is always on the star watch. I put him at our 4th best player. Did you guys see him let Prince dunk on the baseline in the 1st half, he is terribly selfish on D.

The one thing that scares me about this game is that it encourages Beals shoot first mentality. Those threes towards the end were good shots but he took quite a few bad ones before that. When Tinsley, Walker, and Taylor run the offense I always feel like we get a layup.

Loved chaingang off the bench. Between him, fez, and the future we are deeper than any team we will run into. Even goulbourne has flashes of brilliance, certainly not tonight. Amazing that Taylor and Walker sit for 10min in the second half and we pull away. As much as I hate the high fouling games it definitely is advantage Dores.

I hope the team realizes that UK is not UT and while confidence is great, it will take a lot less mistakes to compete with them.

Anonymous said...

that ut dweeb sucked worse than american idol - if it's possible for anything to suck that bad

Anonymous said...

O shockingly I think I will be the first one to call out Ogilivy on his stop at the beauty salon. Couldn't fit him more as a player, and no I don't mean that as a compliment. The day Ogilivy says f*** it and buzzes his head and grows a man beard will be the day he pulls down 10 boards, takes 2 charges, and blocks 3 guys on help D. Unfortunately I don't think my eyes will ever see that day.

Unknown said...

Huge win. The next 4-5 games will all be rough.

It would be fun to see them get a win in Lexington and see how high they can climb in the rankings.

Anonymous said...

Steven Pearl's FT % on the season is .111. That is AFTER he went 1-2 from the line last night. Apparently, the fundamentals are focused on strongly in the Pearl household.

Anonymous said...

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Jason said...

Two comments stood out from last night's espn crew.

1. From the "imbedded reporter: -- "Everyone loves an underdog...everyone loves Tennessee right now." Wait, Tennessee was the underdog in last night's game?

2. At the end of the game, Gottlieb was talking about Tennessee's upcoming schedule. He was quick to point out that Tennessee has a really difficult track ahead because one week they have to play at Rupp and at Memorial. You know, the same track Vanderbilt is going through RIGHT NOW.

Drubaru said...

I love you all, but let's get a couple things straight:

It's Andre Walker, not "Andrew."
It's "Dolla" Beal, not "Dollah."

But anyway, I love the idea of A.J. shaving his head and growing the facial hair. I'd add a couple shoulder tats to the mix as well.