Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vanderbilt-Florida Post-Game Thread

Huge conference opening win for the Dores today. Feel free to put your post-game thoughts. Big road game next week against Alabama!


Unknown said...

I've ripped him before so I'll go ahead and be the first to congratulate him, AJ played like a beast. When he decides to put his head down and be aggressive, he is a monster. Nice gritty win for the Dores. Lets hope this W helps us realize our potential and lights the fire under our ass that has been somewhat lacking in previous "big" games.

-Who Ya With?

Anonymous said...

Walsh, you suck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Big time performances by just about all Vanderbilt's key players in a really big win.

Nice to see the Dores adjust at halftime and work things inside after taking too many jump shots inside. Like Steve said, when A.J. shows up like he did today, this team's dangerous.

How about Andre Walker? 8 points, 10 boards, seven assists and three steals. Hell of a game by a player that a lot of the media tends to overlook.

Andrew Smith said...

I'd actually take issue with Steve's comment. AJ put in far more effort than usual, but he never showed any aggressive passion. Even after that late dunk+foul, he looked perfectly impassive the moment the whistle blew.

I'm not knocking AJ's performance, though. To the contrary, I think it shows how skilled he actually is.

But if he could ever really generate that excitement/agression/will that so many great players have, he could be a truly great player: 25 points/12 boards/5 assists/3 blocks a night.

Is there any chance he will ever generate it? The odds are probably against it, given how old he is, but big guys tend to bloom late. A lot of them are very timid because no one ever picked on them and made them show toughness and (at least with middle class big guys) their parents warned them time and again not to use their size to bully smaller kids.

Okay. Enough pyschobabble. Someone needs to play the emperor to his Luke Skywalker and get him to express his anger and aggression.

As for the rest of the team, I only saw two downsides:

Beal continues to take way too many terrible shots.

Tinsley continues his regression. He's currently playing like a mediocre middle schooler. He may be the worst starter in the SEC.

VandyGold28 said...

i agree. tinsley has some issues. awesome game outside of that and some disappointment on the defensive effort. 87 points, eesh. we can't score 95 every night.

Unknown said...

Great win today, the Dores looked impressive at times when the energy was there but I still think the ceiling is much higher. We should have buried UF by 20 in the second half, but hopefully this solid win gives them some confidence and fire going forward.
That said we officially have a situation, Jermaine "the predicament" Beal continues to kill us and that little thing called momentum with terrible shots, and is just flat our unreliable/scary in crunch time. That said, Tinsley tightens up more by the game and is even less reliable. I don't know what the answer is but I think it's definitely our biggest question going forward.

Chuck Heston said...

Make no mistake, Vandy beat a GOOD team in FL. FL's outside shooting was crazy. At one point FL's 3 point % was better than Vandy's FT %. Clearly the best performance to date and it came at just the right time. AJ has arrived, hopefully for good, as the inside presence. A tournament resume builder for sure.

Interesting to note that Mizzou beat K-State who was ranked #10. As we know, Vandy beat Mizzou handily, so perhaps the Mizzou game will count more than I thought. I see St. Mary's, WKU, and perhaps AZ (a real stretch though even in a weak Pac 10) getting to the tournament.

Really encouraging performance. I think we can say that all of the leaks have been plugged . . . for now.

Unknown said...

Fantastic win. I wanted to post this quote from Donovan. He was asked about how he planned for guarding Jenkins:

"To be honest, Tinsley is more dangerous than Jenkins because he has not shot the ball well. Jenkins is one of those guys that you expect to make a couple of threes coming into the game but Tinsley is the guy that we had to worry about falling asleep on because he could have gotten hot at any time. Jenkins is a very good freshman but Tinsley’s three percentage was more dangerous in my opinion."

Basically, if Tinsley is knocking down shots, Vandy is going to be hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

good win for the dore's. AJ played really well, if only he'd stop being such an emo bitch all the time maybe he'd get that passion out and become more of an assertive and aggressive center

Anonymous said...

Completely disagree on Beal. He only had 2 TOs tonight while playing basically the whole game. He was also 8-8 from the line and hit a couple of huge running jumpers in the lane down the stretch. Agree a couple of his threes were probably ill-advised, but all in all, he had a tremendous performance against a Florida team that makes a living by causing turnovers.

I see two major weaknesses currently on the team:

Tinsley is a huge liability right now and needs to get his head on straight. He is clearly second guessing every shot

Ezeli has to figure out how to make a free throw. he is going to be dominant over the next two years (i actually think he is our best pro prospect on the team right now) and he cant shoot 30 percent from the line going forward.

Anonymous said...

Where would vandy be without Beal's ability to get the ball across the line?I see your point let the horse do the work and the ride. We already know why BT is not on the bench anybody else would be.That many minutes in the game with 0 production in any area is a killer ANDREW.Vandy will be blessed to find a smart ball handler as good as or better than Beal before next season starts Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Colin predictament ? continues to be a ..Your situation is that you are full of .. and you don't know beans about mor

Unknown said...

"Colin predictament ? continues to be a ..Your situation is that you are full of .. and you don't know beans about mor"

If you are going to write in fragments and gibberish, at least have the balls to put your name on the post.

Anonymous said...

Andrew.BEAL's shots weren't more terrrible than the ones tinsley and the others shot and missed. Joseph..My name is irrelevant unless your looking for trouble.. no balls about it.

Anonymous said...

Keegan Bell was a way better player than brad "can't protect the ball" tinsley.

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