Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'll Admit It, I want Shan to Win

But if this call doesn't make you vote for Shan Foster, nothing will


Unknown said...

You refuse to accept the results of the first poll... so you do it again and still leave off Ted Skuchas! FAIL!

Anonymous said...

DP tom me is a no brainer. POY honors and 1st overall pick who put diamond dores on the map.

Bobby Reynolds (ranked #1 in ncaa tennis, vu record for wins, led dores to #2 finish nationally) and Brandt Snedeker (ranked #1 in ncaa) also deserve to be on the list.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming all the "other" votes were for Skuchas. Mine sure was.

Anonymous said...

Can we never refer to the baseball team as the diamond dores ever again? That would be great.

Anonymous said...

Really? Shan Foster? The guy wasn't even a 1st Team All-American.

Price was the national POY and #1 pick. This shouldn't even be close.

Douglas James said...

While I voted for Price I think there is an argument to be made for Shan. He was an All-american although it wasn't first team, also Price's team while highly regarded failed to live up to expectations. While Shan's teams exceeded expectations (Junior year going to the Sweet Sixteen, and Senior year making it back to the tourney despite the loss of Byars).

VandyGold28 said...

what about some florida preview? who are these guys? there was a time when i knew every player on the gators team. now i struggle to know more than 3 or 4. i know boynton is the frosh who leads the team in scoring at 13.6 (btw, they have 5 guys that average double figures, yikes). he's not that tall at 6-2 but with his ability who will guard this guy? i guess beal will.

alex tyus. i recognize the name but not really familiar. he seems to do some damage on the scoreboard and the actual boards. at 6-8 he's tall as i think most of these gators are.

parsons - a name i'm very familiar with and he always seems to have a great game against the commodores. i have no idea why but i hate this kid. he's 6-9, another tall guy, and he crashes the boards and puts up the points as well (at least this year he is - i think in the past he was on and off). his last second buzzer beater at nc state was amazing, and lucky.

Erving Walker - who? yet another double figure averager but at least this guy is small. does he start? i have no idea who the starting line up is. he's only 5-8. but if he's quick it sounds like a downey type guard that gives us issues.

vernon macklin - i've heard the name but again not very familiar. another huge guy at 6-10 and another double figure averager.

dan werner - definitely know this guy and surprised he only averages about 6 points a game. i thought he was one of the seasoned veterans on this team. he stands at 6-8.

with all these guys i worry about match ups. they seem like they are a lot bigger than we are. i know we have height, maybe i just need a one to one matchup but i feel like they are going to give us a lot of issues.