Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Needed This.....4 Star RB Commits to Vandy

Ok yesterday sucked. We were basically never in the game. UK is freakishly athletic. And when a team hits 3's like that what are you supposed to do. Ok lets move on. and are reporting that Georgia running back Rajaan Bennett has committed to play for the Commodores. Bennett stands at 5'11, 210 and is out of Georgia (10 of are 25 recruits are out of the Peach State btw). The weird thing is that there is quite a disparity between Rivals and ESPN's ranking of Bennett. While ESPN lists him as a 3 star RB and a grade of 75 (that's on the low end for a 3 star), Rivals has him as a 4 star player which would make him our top rated recruit (and first ever Rivals 250 recruit). I would think Rivals is more reputable but who knows in the end its just what some scouts rate him. I trust CBJ. And to go along freshman sensations Warren Norman/Zac Stacy and redshirt freshman Wesley Tate, it looks like we are going to have a pretty impressive back field (which we need considering our passing game is terrible). We beat out UT and UK for this guy which makes me feel warm and fuzzy after this week. I know this isn't going to make up for yesterday but its a solid way to end the weekend.

National Signing Day is Wednesday. While we currently have 25 recruits there is still 1 spot open I think and rumors that certain guys might leave last minute/not make it eligibility wise so stay tuned. I'll have a total wrap up Wednesday. Later.

UPDATE: Here's an article in the Tennessean about one of our WR recruits Jordan Matthews.

DOUBLE SECRET UPDATE: Here's an article about Bennett. Adds alittle prespective to the kid. Not saying it should counter-act his SAT/ACT scores but those scores are rarely the whole story about a person and a student.


Anonymous said...

recently seen elsewhere on this forum:

Is it true that a very impressive power RB has now uncommitted from ut and is going to sign with VU (because ut wanted to turn him into a LB?)

And that he has an SAT score of 850 total? (that part has to be a concern to any VU fan with a shred of integrity)

If we're letting guys in with 850 SAT's and below 20 on the ACT, there is no reason to have records such as.....oh.... 2 and 10.

Those who agree with this need to let David Williams know how you feel. I plan to do exactly that.

originally posted:
January 29, 2010 11:51:00 PM EST

Douglas James said...

I understand your passion and to a certain extent agree with you. But just to correct you I don't think Bennett was ever committed to UT.

Douglas James said...

Check out the new article I posted about Bennett. Seems like a real good kid.

Anonymous said...

A real good kid but with an 850.

A real good kid in middle TN last spring who had a 4.0 and 34 ACT and was a national merit semi- or finalist didn't get in. Of course, he wasn't a ball player.

I'm sick of this sh!t. Letting kids in who are academically borderline to even be at the most mediocre of state schools and then can't beat Army. Going 2 and 10.
Maybe UK thought he was going there, but they signed a kid with a 15 on his ACT, so...

Anonymous said...

What makes you think Bennett has a 850 "total" as you say SAT? Other than something that was entered in his Rivals profile in March of last year, what else do you have to go on that is even his score?

You're sick of this "shit" you say, yet there's been plenty of football players that have gotten in with similar supposed scores and you know what, they graduated and went on to be productive citizens too. Some of those people helped Vanderbilt win a bowl game two years ago too.

Another moronic "fan" who wants to make an issue out of everything. I'm sick of your shit. I'm sick of people like you.

Unknown said...

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