Monday, December 21, 2009

VSL Poll: Will Vanderbilt Lose Another Game Before SEC Starts

This question was posed by a reader on Friday, so we figured we'd turn it into a poll question:

If you think they'll lose, who to? Do you think it matters or is indicative of anything given the relatively weak opponents the Commodores will face?


VandyGold28 said...

this team is still not on their A game and southern miss is the team that sticks out in my mind.

i saw mtsu play ut that night in the sommet and i think they have some talent. they stuck with ut for a while and could also give us some fits if we aren't careful.

every game is winnable and we should win them all. i'm just not sure this team will. i sure hope i'm wrong. i do however think tonight's game of mercer will be a stomp.

Anonymous said...

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Chuck Heston said...

3 things.

First, huh?

Second, the Tennessean reported that the last time Vandy played Mercer the final score was 35 to 33, which would be FANTASTIC if we had a repeat.

Third, Barca Blog reported that Vandy's schedule was ranked the 9th most difficult in D-I.

Anonymous said...

Winning is fun.

Losing sucks. Like american idol.

Anonymous said...